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Royal Recap


It's Summer 2012, and that means a few things for Anglophiles around the world. With so much going on, let's take a look across the pond and see what our British neighbors are up to. Since England is so rich in history, it's only fair to take a look at their past and present.



Last year marked an important milestone not only in the life of Diana's oldest son, William, but for the monarchy as well. When William wed Kate on April 29, 2011, millions of people watched, and a new style icon was born. To get Kate's look, you'll need a fitted dress, some stylish shoes, and a fascinator (or just a fancy hat) to top it all off.


Lasonia Peep Toes Grey wrap dress Women's fascinator



This year marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She's been the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom since 1952 -- making her the second longest serving British monarch (after Queen Victoria). Her Majesty has always had a distinct personal style; if anyone can inspire me to wear a tweed suit, it's Queen Elizabeth the Second. One thing I admire about the Queen is that she doesn't shy away from color. Try pairing a brightly colored skirt suit with sensible yet stylish shoes and you'll look like royalty. And a hat never hurt, either. If you're really committed to channeling the Queen, you'll have a corgi or two in tow at all times. No matter what your pet preference, if you stock up on pet supplies they'll feel part of the (royal) family.


Madeline Women's Dimple Dress Shoes Tahari Clementine Skirt Suit Swan Synamay Hat


What's your favorite way to honor English fashions?



Posted by Jessica Gezon

Jessica Gezon



Jun. 22, 2012 at 5:15 PM

I love that England can still bring out hundreds of soldiers on matching horses -- no motley assortment of colors there -- for big events like royal weddings. The guilded uniforms are a nice touch. Seriously, where do they board all those animals?

Jun. 22, 2012 at 8:56 PM

Nothing says "style" like a couple of Corgis. The Queen travels around with 6. I love her.

Jul. 13, 2012 at 3:10 PM

I really wish I could pull of hats like the British do.

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