Nail Color: The New Luxury

Don't you just want to spoil yourself a little sometimes? How about trying a new layer of lacquer on your nails? Nail polish is the hottest low-cost luxury to splurge on. It's even being called the new lipstick, so swap your lipstick tube for a nail polish bottle and indulge in a fresh new manicure.


Nail Polish is the New Lipstick

CHI 'Lovie Dovie' Ceramic Nail Lacquer Trind Caring Color Nail Polish OPI 'Oui Bit of Red' Nail Polish Christian Dior 'Black Plum' Nail Polish Essi 'Neo Whimsical' Nail Color Christian Dior 'Blood Flower' Nail Polish


As long as we're talking about budget-friendly luxuries, check out this deal on Christian Dior nail color. If you're like me and your budget is a bit more bargain bin than designer, this is an inexpensive way to get a touch of designer in your look. Even if my handbag and shoes aren't exactly haute couture, I'd feel so much more glamorous walking around knowing I've got Dior on my nails.


If you're a Pinterest user or Katy Perry fan, you probably already know that novelty nails are big this season. Maybe you're not jumping for a full set of Smurfs on your own fingertips à la Katy Perry, but that doesn't have to stop you from doing something different. Try a French manicure with a bright color, like this pretty orange Trind nail polish, on the tips. What makes this look so fun is that it's a play on a classic with an unexpected twist.  As for me, I'd love to try the one-off trend on my own nails, which is created by painting each of your nails with a solid nail color, but leaving one finger on either hand to paint with a different, complementary color or glitter polish. I'm dying to try it with the Neo Whimsical polish from Essie and Black Plum from Dior on my ring finger.


Is there a novelty nail look you're dying to try or do you prefer a classic manicure? What's your favorite low-cost luxury?



Posted by Andrea Sparks

Andrea Sparks



Sep. 28, 2011 at 12:21 PM

A dream I have is own designer nail polish. I imagine that it goes on like silk,dries in one second and makes your left hand look like it was done by a professional instead of a five-year-old. I'm hoping that's true.

Sep. 28, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Those Dior polishes are enticing; I love short red nails.

Sep. 29, 2011 at 10:14 AM

That black plum Dior polish is hot! I'm all about the dark colors.

Sep. 30, 2011 at 10:51 AM

My basement is mani-pedi central at least once a week. I like all hues, especially gold, silver, pearl, orange, navy, and nude. The wacky pinterest manicures entice me and terrify me at the same time, and they make me want to buy my manicure accouterments at an art supply store.

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