More Good Times for Valentine's Day

We don't want your Valentine's Day to be filled with the stresses of finding the perfect gift, or the perfect shade of red rose. We've compiled some fun love facts, chocolate fortunes, a mixtape for the romantically uninclined, and some spoofs of love humor that you can share with friends and loves alike! 

The Facts of Love. This might be more than you ever thought you could possibly know about Valentine's Day. Impress your date! Win that round of Trivial Pursuit on singles' night! Become even more chock-full of useless knowledge. You can thank us later (click image to view larger and/or download pdf):

facts of love infographic


Feeling down on your luck? A chocolate fortune might cheer you up (click image to play):chocolate fortune

If you've got a funny bone to pick, or if you're short on cash for a present, or if you haven't been known for your Shakespearean sonnet abilities: we can help. Pass this video love poem on or reinact it as your own (however, we can't promise that it would be to your advantage):



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