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Read All Reviews for Zenith Defy Men's 96.0529.4035/51.M533 Xtreme Tourbillon Sea Skeleton Titanium Watch

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  • No-brainer

    I was originally going to buy a small island off the coast of Spain when I saw this timepiece. I thought to myself, "Sure I can buy the island but I still won't know what time it is." and what good is that? Thank you Zenith for keeping me from making the mistake of my life.

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    joetone November 28, 2014
  • yepyep

    My two year old loves smashing all kinds of things around the house so when we ran out of toys we bought him three of this amazing watch to play with. He managed to break them with the other luxury watches that we bought him from the gas station. Thank you Overstock!

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    Platnum'4eva November 22, 2014
  • Extremely Defied my expectations

    I have been looking for quite some time now for a very nice watch to wear when I have meetings with high power executives. I am in commercial real estate in Houston, TX and got tired of looking down to see all of the wrists in the room displaying "Rolex" or "Tag Heuer". So far, I have been able to command respect in the room when my sleeve slides up after extending my arm across the table to point out something in my presentation. I started my search several months ago, and narrowed it down to two watches: this one, and (Stainless Steel Lava LED Bracelet Watch with Digital Display Item #: 13852365). I struggled with the decision for some time and finally one night decided to jump into the deep end. I am glad I did not choose the lava led watch because many teens have those now days and they do not command respect like a $75,000 watch does. I can also teleport with this watch.

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    rtman70 September 12, 2014
  • Master Class

    Not only is the band made out of real space polymer... This watch cured AIDS and Cancer!! A must have for anyone.

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    kidboston June 9, 2014

    Here in NYC, this watch saved a life! It stopped a train dead in its track when the light shined on my watch as the train was approaching. It came to a halt and then it whistled! Simultaneously, a poor hungry soul thought it was easier to leave the world by jumping in front of the train but to his surprise, the train gave him a second chance at life. When he opened his eyes, he was still alive and well and decided it was time to shape up and act right. This watch ate me out of a house and a home but who cares?

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    nyctrillionaire May 12, 2014
  • Sorry Papa

    I ran across this watch while waiting to hear the cost papa's kidney transplant. I'm sure he would have agreed with my decision to purchase the Zenith Defy Xtreme instead of a used kidney.

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    debaryfl March 26, 2014
  • A Quality Purchase

    A fine watch. I've had this for over a month now, and it appears to lose just a few minutes each day. Thankfully, the black carbon bezel is easy to grasp and the bracelet is quite comfortable, so the regular winding this watch requires is not to much of a burden. Would recommend this product for anyone looking for a great gift for a family member or close friend. Mind you- this *IS* an expensive time piece, so beware before making an impulse buy! Luckily, shipping is still free.

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    johnjmart March 26, 2014
  • Are you serious Clark?

    First, the only way i was going to afford this watch was that Santa claus brought it. (Are you serious clark?) really, tho, when you look at the big picture, ** is not over the top for such an exquisite, statement making piece of junkery as this. I am waiting with baited breath for the white and pink models to show. Great price, great value. Honestly *** told me about this buy. signed, ***

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    bigjoe37 March 26, 2014
  • Delivery

    While preparing to order this watch, an intruding thought occurred to me. No, not that I was about to spend more than the GNP of Belize (my apologies to Belize) for a watch but how would this watch be delivered? Does UPS have an armored car? Would they simply leave the package at my door or hand it to whomever opened my front door and was willing to sign for it? I would hope they ask the receipient be asked to provide at least 2 forms of ID. Either that, or my UPS driver is going to be the most punctual driver in the entire fleet with one awesome timepiece!

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    miked44 March 17, 2014
  • Finest Watch Ever

    This is by far the best watch I have ever purchased. I no longer need a PC, car, house or even a wife. I can make love to it, live in it, drive it and even play GTA V on it. I have recently uploaded FryCry4, AssasinsCreed4 Black Flag and Watchdogs....... YOU SHOULD PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT NOW OR NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..............my best advice would be never........ ........But hey, there a lot of stupid people in the world who just might be believe everything that I have just told them.......

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    00064843 December 4, 2013
  • Soaring on the wings of James Baxter

    I remember when I was frolicking through the meadows of other people's hopes and dreams, laughing at each of them as I passed by, when I realized something in this world, that most certainly revolves around me, that I had not currently possessed. Astonished at such a feat that had not crossed my mind, I immediately called my butler (servant) off from his one hour vacation, that he is granted every three to five years, to go fetch it for me immediately. After receiving such a watch, I realized that alas, I was still too incredibly superior as a man, you could even call me a superman (tasteful pun), to actually wear such a watch, as expensive as it may be, and now use it as a paperweight in my 15 million dollar office completely made out of 35 carrot Panzoto-panzanite. Moral of the story, if you become self absorbed, you spend all your time lavishing yourself, if you spend all your time lavishing yourself you become a douche, if you become a douche, you never get anywhere in life and are constantly filled with voids you cannot fill, and when you cannot fill the empty voids in life your life, you buy pointlessly expensive watches. DON'T BUY POINTLESSLY EXPENSIVE WATCHES!

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    joshs3492 October 20, 2013
  • The Ideal Accesory

    While jetting off to Monaco to catch the Grand Prix, I realized I was sans watch.. I had intended to buy a Breitling, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, or Piaget but they all seemed like yesterday's news. Then the Zenith Defy Xtreme caught my eye and I knew I had found that elusive life-altering timepiece. No longer would I be left wanting as I drank champagne in the salon of my mega-yacht. I would tip my glass and gaze upon my newly acquired Zenith Defy Xtreme.Women wanted me, men wanted to be me. Kings and Princes begged me to be their guest. My IQ jumped 60 pts and even MENSA members couln't match my intellect or sarcasm. Note to BIll Gates: Bill, limit yourself to 2 and give the rest of us a chance to soak up the good life.

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    thewatchman4444 October 10, 2013
  • I love this watch, it tells time and the date

    It must be stinky in here, because this watch it the $hit!

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    johnmotlagh October 6, 2013
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    Last Saturday, while recovering from my evening of libertine debauchery in the southern regions of France, I was riding my unicorn through my perfectly replicated Garden of Eden whilst enjoying a perfectly prepared panda-burger coated with barbecue sauce made from baby Mediterranean monk seals that had I purchased from a 6 star eatery, known as Endangered-Species-Delicious. Then the damnedest thing happened to me. I realized I needed something epic to spice up these boring, perfectly normal Saturday afternoons. I needed a timepiece that would tell everyone ELSE what time I myself decided it was. I will recount my first encounter with those of lesser birth after obtaining this marvelous work of art: Me - What time is it, peasant? Peasant - It is 1:23pm, Sir Francois Jesus Amazing III Me- WRONG Peasant - What? Mind. Blown. My experience with this exquisite time-maker thus far has been stupendously fantastic. I have traveled through the Andes in search of a needle made from Incan gold that had been lost in a haystack bed commissioned for a herd of feral alpacas, and found it. I have fixed a shattered light bulb. I spray-painted the Sistine Chapel and the Pope kissed MY ring (which of course is adorned with stolen Vatican jewels. I didn't steal them, THEY stole them from the World, and then gave them to me). I invented water, cross-bred a champion Clydesdale with a Minotaur, roller skated on the Bering Sea, surfed the rolling tides of Mavericks barefoot, fought Chuck Norris and called it a draw, with a handshake, and of course... hunted Panda while successfully avoiding Interpol. I would recommend this timepiece to any and all jet-set globe trotters who are true ballers and Jay-Z status rap masters. Any friends I have that do not buy this watch are no friends of mine. All hail the Dark Lord Cthulu, King of the Ozone Layer and Timeless Emperor of Ocean Bottom.

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    francoisjesusamazinglll October 1, 2013
  • Only the finest

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Uh...hell yeah! In fact, if my friends don't own a watch of this caliber, they're no friends of mine. I only roll with true ballers. This watch is the bomb. It keeps perfect time so I can track exactly how long it takes me to wipe my butt clean with hundred dollar bills.

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    kennydaballer September 6, 2013
  • Amazing!!!

    Are you serious? If you have the pocket change to buy this watch and then you proceed to buy this watch you probably should choke your self out for the better of humanity. Wow.

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    geohiker0175 September 4, 2013
  • Seriously?

    They asked me if I'd recommend this to a friend, HECK YEA I WOULD. Who wouldn't? This watch is unreal. Who needs a house, apartment, college education, car, bike, food, insurance........ You get a watch like this and **** ****, 7 figure jobs land in your lap, $100K cars appear in your driveway, you start winning every lottery drawing, etc. This is a game changer if I ever saw one. All of you long time losers in life, pick one up like I just did and see the shizzle start to flow.......... WORD!

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    bigonefred August 28, 2013
  • Does more then you can imagine

    Does all the James Bond watch things that you have only seen in the movies. Please buy for yourself and a loved one as I did.

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    artbum August 21, 2013
  • A stunning masterpiece- that will hold its value.

    Possibly the finest timepiece ever made. Please ignore the sarcastic reviews- if you are genuinely serious about owning one of the finest watches in the world- this is it. Avoid Rolex, and other brands- where you can pay an equal price tag for an inferior quality watch.

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    gbgiffy August 20, 2013
  • Delicious Crackers Jeeves

    Last Saturday, recovering from my evening of libertine debauchery in the south of France, I was riding my unicorn through my perfectly replicated garden of eden whilst enjoying a perfectly prepared panda-burger from a 6 star eatery known as endangered-species-deliscious, when the damnedest thing happened to me. I realized I needed something even more epic than my Saturday afternoon. I needed a timepiece that would tell everyone else what time I decided it was. I will recount my first encounter with the help. Me- What time is it peasant? Peasant - It is 1:23 Sir Francois Jesus Amazing III Me- WRONG Peasant - What? Mind. Blown. My experience with this timepiece thus far has been stupendous. We have travelled the Andes in search of a lost needle...in a haystack. Found it. We have fixed a broken lightbulb. Spray-painted the Sistine Chapel and the pope kissed MY ring (which of course is adorned with Vatican jewels) Invented water Cross-bred a champion Clydesdale with a minotaur Rollerskated the Bering sea Surfed Mavericks barefoot Fought Chuck Norris, and called it a draw with a handshake and of course, naturally....we hunted Panda I would recommend this timepiece to any and all jet-set globe trotters. I bought one for nobody. All hail the Dark Lord Kramdar, King of the ozone layer.

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    michaelspants August 19, 2013
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