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  • Not up to Bulova's standards

    I bought this watch about six months ago after my 7 year old Bulova's band crumbled. Expecting the highest quality that I have come to know from Bulova, I expected this watch to look good and fit well for at least five years. This watch is stainless steel plated, not stainless steel. The stainless has RUBBED OFF after six months' everyday wear and tea to show a brassy metal underneath-I won't work in conditions that would wear my watch down; I'm a teacher. With my old Bulova, however, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store for about half the time I owned said watch, and the finish was immaculate. Not only is the finish inferior, so is the clasp. My clasp has already broken, and I have resorted to scotch taping it closed. Bottom line: not Bulova quality-I've had cheaper watches at discount stores hold up better.

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