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  • got This for engagement ring
    Verified Purchase

    Fiancée (now wife) loved/loves the ring. Stone quality was just as described. Came With certificate of quality

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  • It's a keeper!
    Verified Purchase

    This ring was purchased for our tenth anniversary in June.I fell in love with the classic look of a round diamond solitaire. My husband wanted me to get a diamond that was certified in some way! After looking all around town, I decided the 3/4 carat was the right size diamond for me. The diamond in my ring is a good quality one. I know this because I had to get the ring sized down, and I asked my very finicky jeweler to tell me if I'd made a good purchase or not, and that I would return it if not. He said it was just fine, which was a relief! The band is thin, but I teamed it up with my grandmother's original wedding ring (platinum set with tiny diamond chips.) Beautiful! This ring would go well with many different types of wedding bands. I've been very happy with my purchase and it's also a great deal. Thanks Overstock!

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  • Feminine Ring
    Verified Purchase

    Overall, I am happy with this purchase. I am not Donald Trump, so I cannot afford the biggest and the best diamond in the world. For what I paid here, I feel I did very well. One of the things I like the most about this ring is the setting. It is very feminine and delicate looking. The cut of the diamond is "brilliant", which is not a top grade cut, so the light doesn't reflect back at you, the way it would if it was an excellent cut. But an excellent cut is much more expensive. I was happy with the carat weight, for how much I spent. The color and the clarity of the diamond were very good. I would say the setting is what I am most impressed with. I've searched far and wide for a great setting and this one is the best I've seen.

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  • Excellent Value!
    Verified Purchase

    I LOVE this ring! The cut is perfect and it is very sparkly. The band is thin, not by virtue of being cheap but because it's unnecessary since there are no side stones. It looks just fine on your hand. I figured out why the price is lower - the certifier (EGL-USA) tend to grade diamonds a grade higher than GIA. Also EGL-Israel and EGL-Switzerland are notoriously unreliable, and even though EGL-USA is very reliable, there is a bit of a spillover effect of negative publicity - **** Thus, save your money and buy this ring!

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