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  • Disappointed
    Verified Purchase

    It fails to pick up dust bunnies. It does not pick up items on a rug. It does work well on hard wood and tile floors. Overall, I am disappointed with the product.

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    James W. March 18, 2015
  • iClebo Arte Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    Verified Purchase

    Vacuum does not have enough suction to clean rugs and carpets well. Gets stuck quite a bit. It does a fair job on bare floors, but I gotten better results with other robotic vacuums. Thought I would try this product because it combined some the best features of the irobot and neato vacuums and reviews that mentioned its quiet operation. It is quiet; but that is only because it seems to be more of a sweeper than a vacuum. Returned to Overstock.

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    SCampbellt02 October 6, 2014
  • My new BFF!
    Verified Purchase

    After spending the past two months renovating our new home I decided we deserved to have our own personal housekeeper. "Arte" is a welcomed addition to our family and I am hopeful that he will be with us for a very long time. I had vacuumed the hardwood floors the day before Arte arrived; he showed me what I have been missing! He went under our beds, into the closets, and cleaned better than our powerful upright. I love you Arte!

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    suewill51 August 30, 2014
  • I Will Be Sending it Back
    Verified Purchase

    The replacement screws need to be included in the original shipment.

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    a13627bc June 2, 2014
  • The iCLEBO Arte a very pleasant surprise.

    This unit is awesome! The timer setting starts up the Arte and it cleans my kitchen, dining, and living room areas easily going from wood to carpet in a flash. I do have to clean my iCLEBO brush every day, the hair does tangle in the sweeper brush and roller but that's a lot easier and quicker than vacuuming and sweeping everyday. This has surprising suction power for being so light weight.The dumping of the dustbin is very easy as well as cleaning the filter no complicated tools required. It also smart as well. I have a couple of steps down into a room and the Arte has not once fallen down the stairs.That's smart in my book. For being so advanced, this is one of the easiest products to operate I have ever owned.

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    valeberry22 May 23, 2014
  • An excellent vacuum.

    This product is Fantastic for picking up dust, dirt and short dog hair. I have a poodle mix. The battery lasts for about 2 hours and recharges quickly in about the same time. The mop feature is descent for quick spill clean ups and dust mopping. It's something I don't use to often but still nice to have it as a possibility. Remote big plus. Light weight, durable, and simple brush removal for cleaning. Robot vacuums are new for me and this was a big surprise at how well it works for being such a small vacuum.

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    allison92675 May 1, 2014
  • iclebo Arte Robot Vacuum

    The motor is quiet while running. Extra Hepa filters provided free of cost. Remote control for hands free use. Tools are not necessary for part assembly, removal, or dustbin emptying. The design is durable hardened molded plastic but light weight. The brushes have soft hair so no scratching seems to occur. Suction works very well. Food particles, staples, pet hair, and of course dust all in the bin. The multitude of built in sensors keep it from slamming into my walls and furniture. This is one of the most user friendly products I've purchased in a long time.

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    jvwalters April 18, 2014
  • Help ease that back pain with the iclebo Arte.

    I constantly get pinched nerves in my lower back and I have to say that purchasing an iclebo Arte is one of the smartest buys I've made in a long time! Dependable, Programmable, Remote Controlled, and Light Weight. Economical battery usage without compromising cleanliness. You set the timer and rest your back.When it's finished no need to fret it goes right back to the charging station to fuel up the battery. When the Battery runs out I discovered that it returns to its base and then goes right back to where it left off. That's amazing. Great with dust and pet hair. I always find the dustbin full and I didn't think my floors were that dirty. Adding-removing the side brushes also very easy pretty much push on a pull off for cleaning. Filters are also easily removed for cleaning. Also, be on the look out for the cleaning brush. It's tucked away on the top of the charging station. It 's a convenient spot to keep it but easy to forget about.

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    albertdchamberlin April 7, 2014
  • My New Hero!

    Want to cut back on vacuuming, time, and effort? Get yourself an Arte by iclebo! Great battery life for long cleaning, Timer for worry free constant daily cleaning, light weight, handy remote, and even nicely decorated with black and orange colors. Suction power seems pretty strong. The times I've been home during cleaning, the vacuum is quiet while operating. Not as loud as the old style dust buster. That said just a few minor annoyances: (There is limited manual adjustments that can be done without the remote and the timer doesn't let you set the day you would like to clean only the hour and minute of every day) Still pleased and would recommend as supplement to your upright or canister vac. especially if you have a lot of wood floors like I do!

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    opalnelson88 March 28, 2014
  • Suction Power Galore!

    This vacuum has super suction! I have been pleasantly surprised. I have owned this iclebo for 4 months now and in the many times that I have emptied the dust bin I have found: (Cereal, Staples, Dry Cat food, and even Dimes) However the strength can also reek havoc with loose cords, shoe strings, and even long carpet fiber. Be warned and take the few extra minutes to straighten out those types of things! I don't typically enjoy vacuuming. Who really does I guess. This iclebo has helped greatly and cut my vacuum time spent.

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    martharob March 28, 2014
  • My Robot Vacuum by iClebo

    Prepare your home before you use the Arte as instructed by iClebo in the manual, trust me on this one. With the iclebo’s brush turning power it will wrap up cords in the main brush and you’ll get crazy error codes. Help your Arte and it will help you! The Arte could use more manual settings if you happen to miss-place the remote. The mop attachment is fine for small spills but it won’t replace your traditional mop or wet swifter. Quiet motor during operation. Battery seems to have lasting power. Timed during max cleaning for over 1 hour and 30 minutes no problems. Much lower height then what I thought. Got easily under my sofa and back. Dust bin removes quick and easy with very little effort for fast emptying and replacing. Comes with extra filters to last you a few months that was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this product.

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    lusram22 March 21, 2014
  • The iCLEBO ARTe- Not just a clever name!

    Neon Orange and Black Color design. Quiet during operation no need to increase the volume on the T.V.! Strong suction sucked up some pretzel bits and small feathers I have a bird. Hepa filteration to recycle the air after the dust removal.(Cleaner Air) Bright display for setting the clock and timer. Easy remote control. Surprisingly long battery life cleaning over 2 hours for me! Keep in mind one still needs to vacuum just a whole lot less with this bot on your side! a work of robotic Arte ;-)

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    stustvn1 March 17, 2014
  • This vac is great!
    Verified Purchase

    Its a great vac. once you set on a schedule it works great. But it will get stuck on shoe strings!

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    brian707 March 12, 2014
  • Love my Arte!

    So I got my Arte a few days ago and he is amazing! I usually don't like writing reviews but I decided to make an exception here. Once I learned how to set it up, everything just flowed. I love how he goes over my rugs without hesitation, my previous robot vacuum couldn't handle it. I'm getting a second unit for the upstairs, and I read on their website that a smart version is coming out soon. I can't wait!!!

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    cheryl89 March 4, 2014
  • My Arte loves cereal under the table.

    The mess the 5 kids leaves is really no mess so far for this poor little guy. He had amazed me with how well it cleans.. AND YES he's like a little pet. He went under the couch the other night and sounded like it was having fun, when it came out from under the couch pushing and chasing a ball one of the kids lost. As for durability we haven't had it for very long but it does seem to be solid. The out of the box appearance was just as you'd expect a futuristic robot to look like. But I tell ya after about the second night, he looked like he'd been cleaning a dirt road. We are gonna start taking a baby wipe to him every couple days. I did find him this morning dead in the middle of the room, he didn't make it back to the charging station. OH AND DID I MENTION IT IS MESMERIZING TO WATCH... I hope the new wears off soon I'm loosing sleep.

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    nicklee123 January 20, 2014
  • A great time-saver and lullaby

    1. Less than 24 hours delivery time - excellent seller. Vacuum does the job exactly as advertised. Even the wife and the dog are surprised. I can recommend the item for everyone who hates boring hoovering jobs. It is fun to watch the machine as well.

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    masongilbert January 17, 2014
  • This is my second Robotic Vacuum

    I absolutely am satisfied with my purchase decision. First, I was shocked when the package arrived at my door four days after placing the order. That was fast. Although I loved my first one, this one has a lot of improvements. As a vacuum, it will shock you with how well it picks things up off of a carpet. I have four rescue dogs, three poms and an alaskan eskimo, all long hair, and this machine deals well with that. With the "fences" it can be targeted to a room and a hallway or whatever and it covers 100%. Battery life is good and it recharges quicker than claimed. This one is much easier to clean out than the older one and all the instructions were spot on. I love the thing and would recommend it to anyone. Works as well on tile and hardwood as the carpets. This is one happier buyer, for a change!

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    jayfrederick January 10, 2014
  • Best purchase ever!

    I just got this today and I am amazed at the amount of dirt it is picking up! I have a 100 pound labrador whose hair is all over and I can’t believe how clean my floors, carpet and rugs look now. The dirt container is so easy to empty and the robot is wonderful because it covers everything, it goes all over and reaches corners with those little brushes. This Iclebo is life changing and I just can’t believe it took me so long to decide on getting it! It goes from floor to carpet to shaggy rugs without trouble. It hasn't tangled on anything, it just goes all over.

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    raquelclark January 7, 2014
  • my shedding dog...

    The gift was labeled from my husbands ALWAYS shedding dog. Last night I cleaned my wood bedroom floor and tile bathroom while out having dinner with the family. Sweet. Today I cleaned another four other rooms while puttering around the house doing other things I enjoyed. Our house is 90% wood floors. Usually use a swiffer to pick up stuff, but my bare feet loved how clean the floor was of all dust and debris. Always have that dang fur under our bed. That sweet little machine just picks it all up. Tile and kitchen floors too. Now I can run it when ever or how often I want and not have to "waste" so much of my precious time cleaning the floors. The machine does have to be cleaned after every single use (about 4 average sized rooms), which is a few minutes of pain, but the overall benefit of having more time is well worth it to me. Do read the directions and follow the detailed cleaning process for a better functioning machine. If you don't want the hassle of cleaning different parts of the machine each time you use it then it's not for you. If you don't mind then I hope you love it as much as I do!

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    abbymeyer January 3, 2014
  • Works much better than I expected

    I'm giving this 5 stars. I have two cats and a dog. I'm 79. I haven't the energy to run the vacuum cleaner daily, even though I've got an excellent Seba. I can't afford to hire a cleaner oftener than once a month. So I thought I'd give the Arte a try, even though I was doubtful. So doubtful that I let it sit for a month in its shipping box before I finally got it out, studied the manual, and gave it a try. I am amazed! At first, I ran it every day, then every other day, now every 2-3 days. At first the dirt container was packed full with all manner of dirt. But now there's very little. This Arte has really cleaned my rug thoroughly, all 5 rooms plus the bathroom (and the carpetted deck when I let it). I feel much more comfortable walking around my apartment. (I now take off my shoes as soon as I bring the dog in from his walk, and walk around in socks or slippers, so as not to track in dirt and leaves from outside.) I would give the Arte 5 stars but for the nuisance of having to clean the brushes every time; they collect lots of tangled dog and cat hair as well as acrylic carpet fluff (the worst!). It takes me a good 10-15 minutes to clean them thoroughly. I'm afraid I'm damaging the brushes and wonder how long before I'll need to replace them. By the way, I wash the dirt container and the filter (but not the brushes) under the kitchen tap, and let it air dry before putting it back in the machine. Anyone know if that's harmful? Oh, another nuisance although unavoidable: picking up all the pet toys and electric cords lying on the carpet, then putting them back afterwards. One final thing: Arte does its work so cheerfully, never complains, doesn't mind being told to go back over an area again, and I am grateful for the Sound noise that tell me what's wrong when the Arte suddenly stops, because it's trapped somewhere and can't get out, or its brushes need cleaning, or whatever.

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    evalynsegal January 2, 2014
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