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  • Great for Office

    In our busy office we deal a lot with environmental issues. All customers and partners can see at least one example of saving the planet through the use of bio ethanol fuel. Beautifully designed, does not smell and generates no smoke while burning....and looks great!!

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  • Best Buy!

    This beautiful fireplace is suitable for any room in our house and we use it sometimes on our patio too. And because there is absolutely no installation required we were able to use it immediately after purchasing. Just buy the right ethanol fuel. I tried few different brands – Overstock has the best one.

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  • Great fireplace

    This amazing bio ethanol fireplace helps a lot to create unforgettable atmosphere in our home. If we have more free time my wife would use it every day. Just don’t be too frugal on ethanol. (Pour at least half a bottle in the burner)

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