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  • Pat
    Verified Purchase

    Best mattress ever, very relaxing and comfortable

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  • Less than expected
    Verified Purchase

    I am very sensitive to smells and no review or description mentioned the off-gassing process. I actually got this one because no one mentioned the smell. For the price, it is probably comparable to what you can get. I would now be willing to spend more to get better a quality or buy it in the summer so I could put it outside until it stopped smelling.

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  • This mattress was a mistake for me!

    I'm an adult. This bed was a mistake for because I tend to sleep on the edge of the bed and I "fall off the edge." After I bought this mattress, I found out from a bed salesman that "edge sleepers" will have a problem with memory foam beds. You need one that has a firm edge, even if the middle is medium or soft. In order to sleep in this bed, I have to align myself as far back on the bed as possible, putting my behind close to the far or inside edge. Then I role onto my back to make the foam sink in where my hips are. Then after about 2 minutes, I slowly roll onto my side and hope that the bed conforms to my body fairly well. If it doesn't, I feel like I'm rolling down hill toward the near edge of the bed. Even with this, the bed gives me a backache often. My daughter has the same mattress in queen size and firm. When I visited her, I napped on her bed, and made a point of sleeping in the middle of the bed. That was OK. Because this mattress doesn't work well for me, even with these gyrations, I plan to sell it and get a memory foam bed built for edge sleepers. To save money, I may get a regular foam mattress and pair that with a memory foam topper instead.

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  • Extremely plush and soft
    Verified Purchase

    Excellent product for the price would recommend it for anyone.

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  • Quality for less
    Verified Purchase

    After looking at several local stores, I decided to shop on-line. I came across this mattress and decided to give it a try. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. So far, it's been very comfortable to sleep on and the price was way better than anywhere else I looked.

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  • very comfortable
    Verified Purchase

    comfortable,easy to set up,prompt service from overstock

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