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  • Bad Memories on this "Foam"

    This is a piece of foam, there is no memory-foam characteristic to it. It lacks the density any legitimate memory-foam. For a queen size matress to only weigh 65lbs is impossible. I shined my bright SpecialOps light from work through the sides of the mattress and it went right through. There is no core/base within the matress, this just a solid cut out of low-grade foam. I am annoyed that I was misled by the item description, rest assured, you will not see any handprint if you press into this mattress as illustrated in the picture. The sleep comfort is medicore, but nothing comparable to the sensation of laying down on the Tempurpedics that I tried out in stores. This is a decent product for $300 dollars cheaper. You do NOT get what you pay for. You will regret this purchase.

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  • NO REST!

    I've had this mattress for about 6 months now. This memory foam mattress has ABNIESHA!!! There is a dent on my husband's side and on my side! We are not large pepole. The first month or two this mattress really helped my husband's back (we got the firm), after that, it was all down hill. I really wasted our money on this one!

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  • Not as great as the reviews!

    I purchased this bed and received it within two weeks. It weighs around 40 lbs and the mailman did call and delivered it to my door, which was nice. I opened the mattress and it immediately puffed up to full size. All corners, the body, etc. all came to the same height. Mine did expand to the full 10 inches and it did NOT have any weird odors. The cover is nice and typical of that of any other tempupedic. I put mine on top of my old box spring and it is much longer (about 5 inches) than the base and it is wider a couple inches too. I have sheets from my Queen size double sided pillow top that fit nice. The cover on the bed makes it very warm to sleep on and without central air, I think I'd die. In the winter I'm sure it will be nice. My bed was firm the first day and I actually wished it would have stayed as firm. I am 27 years old and by no means am out of shape, but my boyfriend and I laugh that it's hard to get in and out of as you do sink in with use. I have had my bed for about a month now and you can sink in more in areas that are used frequently and the areas that aren't are still firm. I do sleep well on the bed, but I can't say it's my best night sleep ever. I had purchased this bed since a friend of mine parents have a name brand tempurpedic and I slept on it for a night and that was AWESOME sleep. I will say you get what you pay for. The quality is nice, it is comfy, but if you are overweight or have bone/muscle issues, I would not recommend this bed to you. If you plan on moving the mattress once you open it up, please let me tell you it is hard to move as there are no handles, grips, whatever like on a standard mattress so you must use a lot of muscle and lifting. I do sleep on the bed for now, but I plan on putting my old mattress back on the box spring and putting this bed in one of my guest rooms on a platform frame. Hope this review helped you! If it helps you any, I am 5ft 9 inches tall and I must say that my feet do not hang off the bed and that is sooooo nice! My boyfriend is 6ft 3inches and he too said that is a nice bonus!

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  • Good value, bad expansion

    I received the mattress and unpacked. I laid it out over the floor and it did not expand within the 24 hours. Inthe end, it only expanded to 74 inches (about 6 inches short of the full length) I had to buy a body pillow to fill the gap in the bed.

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  • WOW!

    I was really surprised when this matress arrived because it was rolled up and didn't look as thick as it was supposed to be. Once it was open though and put on my box spring, WOW it blew up! I have always liked a medium matress and my hubby likes firm. I decided after researching quite a bit that a firm memory foam matress was the way to go since I have learned that they will actually soften a LITTLE over time. It took a couple of weeks to get used to (I've always had spring matresses) but we are BOTH sleeping great! I would definately advise the Protect-A-Bed Full Waterproof Mattress Protector with this product but also with ANY matress you want to purchase so that any fluids that my accidently be spilt won't seep into the matress. Also be sure to pay attention to the thickness reguarding sheets. The Luxury Manor 800 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set fits this bed perfectly!! I read other comments about the smell issue. I was really concerned about this because I have a sensitive nose and stomach. I didn't have any problem with this. The smell was gone within a couple of hours.

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  • Great value mattress

    I was somewhat skeptical but purchased the mattress for a guest bedroom based on positive reviews from others. I was not disappointed. The mattress expanded to its full thichkness after 3 hours and felt as good as my memory foam mattress in the master bedroom, which costed 4 - 5 times more at a local shopping mall. To be fair, the master bedroom mattress does have a much nicer cover. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it.

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  • A good nights sleep

    We bought this mattress after testing out different memory foam mattresses at local bedding stores. We saw little difference in quality from the name brands vs. the no names. The only difference was the price!!! For the money this mattress was as good as the store ones only it was a fraction of the cost. It took less than 24 hours to fully expand. The cover is very soft and comfortable and it doesnt trap body heat. It was very relaxing to sleep on. I would recomend this product.

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  • Good choice

    I read many of the reviews on this site prior to purchasing and realized that I would be acquiring a firm mattress. The mattress was delivered to me approximately 5-6 days after I purchased it and as expected, it took about 1.5-2 days to reach its full size. At first, I thought the mattress was PAINFULLY firm--I slept on it for several nights with little comfort. THEN, I realized that i had it upside down. This is not like any other mattress where it doesn't matter what side is up. It expressly has one side of it that's softer than the other and is intended to serve as the sleeping surface. Make sure you're cognizant of this! Once I turned the mattress over, it became a lot better and far more comfortable. It is still firm, have no doubt, but I think I made a good choice and for the price, you can't beat it!

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  • Hard as a rock

    I would much prefer your 8" memory foam matress to the 10" one. I love the 8", and expected the 10" to be even better - but the 10" matress is too firm and nowhere near as comfortable as the 8" version.

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  • The absolute worst.
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this mattress in Dec. 2009 and thought I had purchased the warrenty. WRONG. So when the mattress developed a hump down the middle two years later I thought great I will call Overstock and they will take care of the mattress. That did not happen. The mattress itself was as advertised and seemed fine. Then this hump developed all the way down the middle making it impossible to sleep on. If you by this then be sure (call Overstock and confirm) that you have the warrenty.

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  • very comfortable and classy
    Verified Purchase

    I decided to wait at least a month to write a review to make sure I'm giving sufficient advice. I really enjoy the mattress, it is extremely comfortable, it looks great, it was very easy to assemble. I literally rolled it out and that was that. At first it was at 8 inches within 2 days it got to 10 inches. I'm very satisfied, my co worker bought the exact same mattress a few months back at a local mattress store in town and paid over $1000 for it, it is you definitely get way more than what you pay for !!!! i def. recommend it.

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  • awesome matress
    Verified Purchase

    My wife and I both this mattress and we love it....for all those people they're thinking about to buy the famous brend one....don't waste your money this one work just good as the other ones...and make you sleep so good and make you safe alot of money....PEROID !!!

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  • Rested
    Verified Purchase

    I have had my matress for about a month now and can honestly say I have no regrets. Previously I was waking up with pain in my shoulders, hips and back and after about 4 days on this bed, all those aches are gone. I also sleep through the entire night instead of waking up each time I turn,My order came on time and was a little bulky for just me to unwrap/handle, but I managed. I let it air out for about 9 hours and slept on it that night. All odors were gone and it had expanded to it's full height.I have not even attempted to use the pillows because of all the bad reviews on here, but the mattress is worth every penny.

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  • great bed
    Verified Purchase

    It arrived on time and in a tube. As soon as it was cut loose from the tube it started to inflate and was at full size within a few minutes. There was a small smell but only for an hour or so. It is very very nice and comfortable. I love it. I do not want to get out of bed. I was worried about buying a bed online but this really worked out. The pillows are not a big deal but they were free. I would recommend this bed!!

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  • Too Hard

    My husband loves this mattress. I hate it. It is too firm. I haven't been able to sleep in it since we got it. If you like a firm mattress it is great. If not, I would skip.

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  • Good buy!

    This is the best mattress that I have ever owned. We sleep ten times better now and the price is really right. You can't find this type of mattress for the price anywhere. I mean anywhere! It's just a great product! The pillows may be small but our disabled son uses them and they are perfect for him or in the car for traveling. Thanks O.

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  • Good luck with sheets

    The mattress was comfortable and the foam smell lessened over time. However, the mattress was wider than listed. It's hard to get fitted sheets on the bed--even the deeper sheets are a struggle. The free pillows are too small and flat to be useful. Don't let free pillows be your determining factor ... But overall a great price and very little hassle for a memory foam mattress.

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  • Price isn't everything

    Wow, the bed is very comfortable which surprised me for the low price, much more so than my existing memory foam mattress. However, the chemical smell that was apparent upon opening is EXTREMELY unpleasant. It is fading but after a week is still very noticeable. The jury is still out on whether I can keep this. If you buy, don't plan on sleeping on it for a week or more.

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  • Totally Impressed

    I was really worried about ordering a bed online because I work in the shipping industry and have see some major issues with the way beds are sent. My bed not only arrived quickly but was very carefully packed, I was really happy with how easy the entire experience was, not to mention the great deal. I have been looking to buy a memory foam beds for the last year and this was the best value I have found. I went with firm because the memory foam will soften over time, and you still sink into the firm and get all the support memory foam offers.

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  • Free pillows shouldn't sway your purchase

    As my grandmother always told me, nothing is free. This is certainly evidenced by the "free" pillows given with the mattress. This was certainly part of my purchasing decision as the memory foam pillows in stores can be quite expensive. The pillows are a joke, unless of course you like sleeping on pancakes. The mattress is nice, very firm and comfortable.

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