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  • Looks great
    Verified Purchase

    The look is great and the storage below the bed is a good size. You should let it rest outside the house because the plastic smell is very strong. I would not sleep on it until the smell dissipates.

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    texaslrd45 December 9, 2013
  • Looks good, but horrible quality
    Verified Purchase

    This bed looks good when it's assembled, but that's the only positive. First, the drawers. Oh, those dreaded storage drawers. They are so cheaply made, that they come off the track all of the time. The plastic tracks have bent from just normal use, and now the drawers don't align and you have to put all your weight into opening and closing them. And every time you do, it's so loud that you might wake the neighbors. Also, don't plan on getting any nightstands for next to the bed. Can't happen because of the placement of them. Unless you want to move the nightstand every time you need something out of them. Now for the slats. The 100's of small slats that you have to "jenga" the pieces in in order for them to fit properly and lay flat. Oh, and those a cheap plastic too. Good luck with those. Wear gloves, cause you will get your fingers raw and break some nails. Overall, I would NOT recommend this bed to anyone. We needed a storage bed with a low headboard, but regret getting this one. Definitely keep looking at others.

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    hgonzo November 19, 2013
  • Nice bed
    Verified Purchase

    Nice bed. All parts were included. It took about four hours or so to assemble. Instructions could have been a lot better.

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    kladig March 18, 2013
  • bad chemical odor coming off of the faux leather
    Verified Purchase

    The faux leather surfaces reeked of some sort of chemical odor, possibly formaldehyde, that was probably sprayed on at the factory to protect it from damage. Not sure if they all smell as bad as mine did, but I had all the windows open for over two weeks and it didn't go away, even after scrubbing off each of the surfaces with water/detergent/damp towels, etc. People who came over commented on how bad it smelled from even outside the closed-door bedroom, like I had some sort of kerosene leak. Whatever that substance that was sprayed on it made the surfaces feel slippery to the touch, and it stayed on your hands after handling it. Needless to say I'm glad I returned it, and appreciated Overstock being helpful in doing so.

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    kevin70 June 9, 2012
  • Looks good but is a b***h to assemble
    Verified Purchase

    IN SHORT * The faux leather feels awesome. The bed would look exactly the same as in the picture, if you ever manage to finish it that is. * Horrible assembly instructions * The bed slats are/were very very low quality. They sent a new pack promptly. * Excellent and prompt customer support service, at least. Buy it only if you happen to be an extremely patient person who's looking for a serious workout. Total time spent so far: > 20 man hours Amount of time I still need to spend on it: ~3 man hours (yes! I am almost there!) THE RANT I bought this almost two months ago, and it still isn't fully assembled. I've had to contact customer support THRICE now to ask for a replacement of missing/inferior parts supplied with the package. This bed has been a nightmare to assemble. The instructions are horribly sparse and assume the only thing that the people who'd assemble this bed assemble beds all day long, one after another! For instance, the instructions do NOT warn the user about obvious and often time consuming pitfalls that a first time user might fall for. In short, it does tell the user how to assemble the bed, but fails to inform him/her how not to do it, which is equally important! The components of the bed, although sturdy, do not inspire confidence. For instance, I was sure that by the time I was done with the assembly of the main frame, I'd end up with something or the other that wasn't exactly perpendicular to something else. And boy, I wasn't disappointed! By components, I meant, all of the metal ones only, of course. The wooden slats that came with this bed suck on multiple levels. I didn't for a minute believe that these fragile, thin and flimsy slats would be able to hold my weight. And again, boy, I wasn't disappointed! Within half an hour of lying down on the bed, after the main frame was in, two of the slats supporting my back cracked and fell to the ground. l.o.l.z. was the first thing that came to my mind, ironically. The faux leather exterior is awesome, and perhaps, the ONLY saving grace! No gripes there, except one. I'd imagined the headboard to be a bit more fluffier. It's pretty hard. But I can live with it! (I guess I have no choice now) .By the way, it is not even an 'eastern king' size, as if there was a difference between eastern king and just king sizes to begin with. My 'eastern' king sized Ikea mattress falls short by at least 4 inches to cover this bed in width.

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    aditya1 June 5, 2012
  • quad bed
    Verified Purchase

    This bed is a nice bed ...if you can figure out how to put it together. The directions were unclear and the pieces were very difficult to identify. It took over4 hours to get the frame together. Then came the drawers. The drawer assembly instructions were AWFUL and when putting them in I realized the frame wasn't correct and the drawers wouldn't fit. I went back through the instructions to try and figure out where I went wrong and was unsuccessful. I finally just gave up and threw the drawers away. I cannot stress enough how awful and confusing the directions are. Unless you are a frequent builder I would be cautious when purchasing this bed.

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    corey55 May 29, 2012
  • Great Bed- Looks Great!
    Verified Purchase

    I love this Bed! My fiancee and I received as a wedding present. The bed came in 3 boxes (which was very intimidating to 2 people who are not very handy), but was very easy to put together. It took us a while to find the directions, which were packed with the metals rods for the drawers/support rods. There were A LOT of small pieces (screws and such) which were all mixed up in one bag and it was hard to tell which ones were matching on the direction sheet (we separated them and counted- that's how we knew which ones were which). Once everything was separated, the directions were easy to follow, and it took me about 2.5 hrs to put together by myself- and remember, I'm not handy! The bed looks great, maybe just a little lower profile than the picture shows, but I attribute that mostly to the fact that we have an overly-plush/thick mattress. Also, the support beam system was very impressive. It consists of 3 wood slats that are assembled with plastic/rubber pieces that lock into place on the bed frame. My fiancee is a LARGE guy, and I am about average..... we have had to add support beams to beds in the past, but I am confident we will never have to do that with this bed! All-in-all, I am very happy with this bed! And it looks very sophisticated with an urban/contemporary feel! Very happy here!

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    bargain09 March 18, 2012
  • annoying pine board supports
    Verified Purchase

    every time we sit on the bed, the pine slats that support the mattress go tumbling to the floor. Its HORRIBLE. THe frame is good, drawers are great for storage, but the pine board supports are THE WORST IDEA EVER. They fall out literally every day. I"m 6 months pregnant and cant lift a king size mattress by myself to fix the bed every day... so this hasnt been a good experience. I will look elsewhere for a replacement of the pine board supports, something that comes all attached together like a mat would be better than these individual things connected with flimsy plastic. They shift so easily and fall out... the best is when you roll over and hear them come crashing down - and then the mattress drops 1/4" scaring the life out of you. Good times. Rating it 3 stars cause it looks great, storage solution under the bed is great.. just wish it was reliable to sleep on!!!

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    thecheddar March 13, 2012
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