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    We were thrilled with the bathroom vanity's appearance and quality. However, we did wind up spending extra money on the installation because the sink and setback were not made to U.S. specifications. Our plumber had to find us a different drain for each sink because the sink travertin marble was thinner on one than the other; also, the drain pipe fittings that came with our Delta faucets had to be changed. It cost us half as much for the replacement drain and drain pipe than cost for the faucets themselves; another expense! There needs to be better quality control on the sink thickness and the vanity top needs to be made to fit U.S. code specifications. Our plumber said that, for Loudoun County code (Virginia), we needed an overflow hole in our sinks. We went ahead with the installation, but it took us several days to get it done since we had to order special parts. Also, because the marble top is sealed to the base vanity, the vanity is extremely heavy and difficult to get to an upstairs bathroom. Our guys said they never wanted to do that again!

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