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  • This is a joke

    C'mon seriously. Why can't an air conditioner cool?? Beats me. I plugged it in went through the complicated window thing, and after 2 days, it's still has cooled the room!! The thing blows very slightly chilled air but I don't think that's enough to cool anything. So I was cheap and got this for the price, now I know better. This is one ugly looking machine. May have been ok if it cooled but no way am I keeping this.

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  • Great cooler!

    This one is a winner. It is small enough to not take up much room. The AC-14100H is a powerful unit. The hose hooks up to the supplied window vent in a few minutes and you are drawing hot air out of the room and cooling the indoors. I leave it on low speed and it works well. Noise level is acceptable. The remote control is a jewel. This is a commercial grade unit with a high grade compressor. The compressor is the heart of the unit and I have high hopes that it will last a long time. New Air engineers did their job well. I bought it in the summer so we will see how the heater function works this winter.

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