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  • Best vacuum robot

    I'm concerned about that robot will be able to vacuum my 2 inches fitted carpet's pile height, I was afraid that robot will stuck on this carpet. Thank to God it able slowly pass the carpet and clean it very good. Other benefits: easy to maintain -- the brush never get clogged, dirty bin lasts for 5 cleaning sessions of my apartment (484 square feet). Laser navigation is very accurate.

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  • I bought for the office but wife loves it

    Neato is the smartest robotic vacuum I can afford. It really maps each room avoids obstacles and makes perfect vacuum lines picks up a ton then moves to the next room. If it runs out battery it finds it's base charges and then goes to where it left off. If it gets stuck the brush turns off so it wount damage the floor. The schedule feature is awsome. I'm thinking about getting two more cuz it sadly woun't climb stairs.

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  • Wonderful labor saver

    I have had a I-Robot Roomba for years and was intrigued with the squared off front of the Neato unit enabling this machine to get into corners which my Roomba does not do. Unlike the Roomba that has to bump into objects the Neato anticipates obstacles and avoids them. I am continuously amazed at how much pet hair and dirt my Neato picks up every day. It also doesn't seem to mind carpets and easily transitions from hardwood flooring to tile and carpet. It's also very easy to program and I recently connected it to my laptop and downloaded some updates that are supposed to make it better at docking. (not sure if it's made any difference). Occassionally the device seems to have trouble finding a connection to the docking stations but most of the time it's fine. Usually I'm not home when it's cleaning so it's really nice to come home to a clean house. Sometimes the unit will have to take a break from cleaning to return to docking station and charge some more. This is the only area of concern since batteries in all of these units seem to be expensive and at times unpredictable. All in all, I have positive feelings about this purchase.

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  • Vacuum just as promised.

    I let it loose in the bedroom and it was able to clean under the bed. A wonderful accomplishment as we have a shedding dog. The dust bin is on the small side which requires it to be emptied often. When finished it returns to it's dock for a recharge.

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  • Wonderful Beyond Words!

    I previously had a rhumba that lasted almost a year.( Maybe I kicked it in frustration once too often!) So I was a bit hesitant about trying a robot vacuum again until I read the reviews. I named my Neato vacuum Jeeves but should have called him Mr. Wonderful. I have fibromyalgia and COPD so it it often difficult to manage our regular heavy vacuum and no way can I clean under the bed and such. Jeeves cleans everything beautifully!!! Matters not whether he is tackling thick carpet or wood floor, he does a good job. He rarely gets stuck and if he does, he usually can back up or swivel enough to get himself unstuck. I normally pick up loose objects from floor on the days he is programmed to clean, but I forgot today was scheduled cleaning and left the house without picking up stuff. When I got home I could see that he had cleaned - and carefully gone around a pair of thick socks I had left on the floor. Is that great or what!?

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  • Amazing Product

    My husbaned and I purchased our Neato a couple of weeks ago and we both agree that this is in our top 2 of best purchases ever! After reading several reviews of this product we can honestly say that this robot is a dream. We just moved in a new home which has double the sq. footage of floors than we are used to. The robot has been such a help in maintaining both our carpeted (bedrooms) and hardwood (kitchen and living room) floors. We have two dogs and the machine does an excellent job collecting the neverending pet hair. Also, we have loved the "vaccum cleaner tracks" it leaves in the bedrooms after cleaning. My husband is not easlity impressed and he has continued to praise the robotic technology of this product. One thing that I especially love about the Neato is it's ability to start cleaning a room, return to the charger for recharging, and then go back to cleaning where it left off. If we are having guests over I will hit the start button and the thing gets to, love! Honestly, the only unexpected thing with the vaccum is that it is a tiny bit loud when running........although, I feel that it it so worth it and I say if it works this well....who cares! Compared to prices elsewhere on a different model I feel that we bought it at a bargain. If it lasts for a long time, and the robot's technology holds up, my husband and I will continue to tell everyone we know that it is a must have!

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  • Great little machine

    Great for keeping the dog hair cleaned up and the dog actually made friends with it after acouple of days.

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  • Neato xv-11 is fantastic

    Have had two different Samsung robots. The Neato is twice as good and half the price.

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  • Neato!

    Well beyond what I expected and I am glad I did not get the Roomba first like I almost did. It does get stuck occasionally. I have 3 pugs and my maid(Anita Neato) works daily. Nearly full every day. My floors look great and gets in places where a reg vacuum cannot. It is awesome! It vacuums like you mow your yard.

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  • Love the Neato

    Great little vacuum for hardwood floors and low-med carpet. If your carpet is med-high or shaggy, the Neato gets stuck. We have two shaggy area rugs which the Neato can't handle so we had to buy 2 extra 15' magnetic strips ($64 from Amazon, not cheap!) to place around the rugs so the Neato stays off of them. The package comes with only one 15' magnetic strip. I have it set to vacuum 4 x week to keep our floors clean. We have 2 dogs who shed quite a bit and the Neato keeps our floors nice and clean. I would recommend this product.

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  • Pretty good

    This is probably the best robotic vacuum cleaner within $400 budget. Its capable enough to map the room and navigate on its own without any interference and tries to touch every area of the house. The best part is that it can go back to the home base and charge itself before resuming the cleaning from where it left off. Very easy to maintain, installing updates is a slick job. The only drawback is that it makes really loud noise (particularly on tile flooring). Should be ok on Carpet and wood flooring though.

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  • Amazing

    What a great product! It's like I have my own robot to vacuum my house... Oh wait - I do! We call her "Rosie" and she does a great job vacuuming - id say 90% as well as I do with 5% of the effort given that I do need to change her dirt bin. Highly recommended!

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  • Neat Robot XV-11

    It meets my expectation so far even though it gets lost in the middle of room. More powerful than ROOMBA I had several years ago.

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  • Excellent Product

    The bottom line of this review is ---it is excellent, but not perfect. But then neither am I perfect. Its first try to do the house (without the kitchen and large bath) it did 65-70% of the house on its one battery charge. It did not leave itself enough charge to get back to the charging station. But I am not so old ( I am only 81 years old) that I could not pick it up and carry it back to its station. The house has all square rooms but with the furniture it is not all that square. It would take a section of a room and do that area then take an other section of that same room and do that area. More than once it would do a section and do it on an angle ( not a square ) but it always remembered where it had gone and never went over a section it had already done. I am talking about the great room and the adjoining dinning room. The great room and dinning room floors are all hard wood. The bedrooms it did as it saw it and getting under the beds it got a lot of debris and I mean a lot as the under the bed areas had never been done in the 2 years we have lived in the house. The kitchen which has and island in it took only 15 minutes and it did a great job and went back to where we had set it down. The large bath which has a slanting wall in it, we left the floor mats down on the floor, it took only 10 minutes and the slanting wall gave it no problem. The small bath I forgot and closed the door so next time I will open it. As I said on the first line of this review,---it is excellent, but not perfect. But then neither am I perfect. Buy it, you will happy you did, but do remember I said it is not perfect.

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  • neato

    I have owned this product for about four weeks. It gets used upstairs and downstairs every day. We have lots of rugs and hardwoods and two very hairy dogs and NOW a very clean house. It is amazingly smart with very few limitations. If it were destroyed I would order another immediately.

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  • Works as advertised

    I have several pets and did a lot of on-line research comparing the Neato to the Roomba. The reviews said the Roomba brush clogged on pet hair compared to the Neato reviews that did not mention a problem. The Neato reviews also discussed how the Neato guidance system was less likely to cause the unit to bump into furniture and walls, etc. The price of the Neato was less than the Roomba, so I purchased the Neato. It arrived, I unpacked it, charged, it, turned it on, and it worked exactly as I expected based on the reviews. It continues to do so. Quite a pleasant surprise: better functions; cheaper price; and WORKS AS ADVERTISED. I am very pleased with the unit.

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  • Finally a robotic vacuum for pets!

    This purchase was my second Neato - to replace a Roomba that quit. I have used Roomba vacuums for many years. They do a fine job of cleaning (not as good as a regular vacuum, but adequate for day-to-day maintenance). The problem with the various Roomba models I've had is that I have had to clean pet hair out of the brush assembly after every cleaning, taking several minutes. I have run my Neato daily for the past 2 months and I have never had to clean it out. It cleans as well as the Roombaq, but all of the pet hair goes into the dust bin. I just empty the bin and it's ready to go - no tyime spent cleaning the cleaner! It's GREAT! I also love the way it will clean the entire house, recharging itself when necessary, then resuming where it left off. This is what robotic vacuums are supposed to be!

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  • Neato Robotics XV-11 Gp;d A;; - surface Robotic Va

    I love this "little guy." Much superior than prior "robots" I have purchased.

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  • Fascinating!

    My husband made the supreme faux pas of getting his wife a new vacuum for christmas. But this was the best gift ever! While a bit pricey, and the fact you still need another vacuum for stairs and small nooks and crannies, the neato does a great job on vacuuming my hard floors and all of the area rugs (some of which are pretty deep shags) all the while providing me with entertainment! I run her every other day and it takes about 6 hours start to finish to complete my house (which is pretty large) since it takes three trips of re-charging between jobs. Interestingly, my dog isn't afraid of her and it neatly vacuums around him while he just lays there looking at it. So far, I don't miss television while the neato is doing its job since it's just so entertaining watching her do her thing. She has gotten stuck on the base of our bar chairs (which are domed chrome jobs). And on lighter area rugs, she pushes them around into a ball. But overall she is great and I love her!

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  • Old robot

    I received my neato xv-11 on said delivery date. I excitedly opened the box hoping my cleaning days were over. I put the neato right to work. From the get go it was a disaster. It never once completed a cleaning and was more of a nuisance than anything. Upon further investigation I discovered that my neato was not "new". Yes it was unopened and definitely never used, so in that respects it was a "new" product. But the actual robot was in fact an older model of the product.. It was a robot with firmware that had not shipped in quite a while. I called Neato and told them my plight. They were extremely helpful. They said they would send me a replacement bot that was up to date and factory tested. When I received the new bot I immediately, again, put it to work. Right out of the box it was a dream. This one actually did everything it said it would. I couldn't have been happier. The Neato xv-11 is a revolutionary product, but I don't think I would buy something of this nature from overstock again. Overstocks shipping and prices were great, but this experience leaves me wondering if they carry new products at great prices, or if it really "overstocked" items that someone else did not want.

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