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  • Neato Robotics XV-11

    Great Product. Simple to setup and operate. Pet hair does not get caught up in roller, therefore rarely needs maintenance. Can go room to room and still returns to charging station when needed. After recharging returns to last room vacuumed and continues until entire house is clean. Programmable for daily cleanings at specified times or specific days with specific times. Jet engine technology for better vacuum suction. I have mine programmed to clean daily and each day it vacuums up a significant amount of dust, dirt, pet hair, debris and loose carpet fibers. Only problem I have had is getting it to climb back onto carpet from linoleum. I have extra thick padding under carpet and metal carpet strips are tall and steep. In the process of modifying metal strips.

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    tonytigerforyou December 3, 2010
  • Neato

    I had been looking for a robotic vacuum for a few years now. I'm disabled & just can't vacuum the house anymore. This machine is wonderful, I can't possibly say enough good things about it. It's even polite & thanks you for emptying the dust chamber. It's also entertaining my 89 year old mother & also the cat, get a big kick out of watching it working it's way around the room. This machine is easy on the furniture, no running into things to get direction. It's amazing how it scan's the room & sets up a pattern to vacuum. Greatest robotic vacuum I've seen yet. I am so glad I bought it.

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    draider7 March 2, 2011
  • neato robotics vac

    This vac cleans bare floors really well, the dust bin is easy to empty and it didn't take anytime to program the machine. It runs every night for a coulple hours picking up all the hair from my three dogs and my cat, a real lifesaver. It even goes under the furniture that would usually hide dust bunnies and around tables and chairs. The only draw back is that you need police the area before going to bed or it might try to pick up your socks or phone charger cords its powerful enough to unplug things as well,

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    washtana January 8, 2012
  • robot

    This little robotic vacuum works much better than the Roomba that is is replacing. It gets more dirt in the bin and actually has suction rather than just brushes. the only downfall is that it gets lost & cannot find it's way back to the dock quite often. I will still buy another one when they are back in stock.

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    pixie27 March 22, 2011
  • This vacuum works great!

    This vacuum works great especially for pet hair as I have 3 long haired cats & dark walnut hardwood floors. My only complaints would be it doesnt like my shag type rugs I have in my Fam room and gets stuck on those so I had to go to manufacturer website and buy more of the strips to lay down at edge of rug to prevent it from going up on my rug. It will run about 2hrs and do my entire 1st floor of my house which is 2,000 sq ft. before it nees to be charged. It has never been able to find its way back to the docing station to recharge so when I hear it quite I have to pick it up and return it by hand which really isnt a big deal. I have a electrolux hand small vac I use on my floors as well but this does a much better job I think because it has rubber type blades etc. on the bottom that really get the dirt up you will be amazed at how much dirt, hair and lint end up in the dirt bin.

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    darcig22 March 9, 2012
  • The new standard in robotic vacuums!

    I have gone through a couple of Roomba Discovery models over the last 4 years, and they were a constant struggle. Not only did they require continual maintenance and cleaning, I would consider myself fortunate if the batteries would last more than 8 months. In addition, there were way too many headaches where the Roomba would simply "go mad"...refusing to move from home, unfinished jobs, the circle of death, etc., not to mention all of the effort to keep its brushes and mechanisms clean. It felt like I was spending more time cleaning the Roomba than the Roomba spent cleaning my carpets. After giving up on the Roomba over 6 months ago, and robotic vacuums in general, I was ready to give the technology another try. I ran across the Neato and started investigating. At first I was very skeptical, as I could not believe all of the glowing reviews about this little bot. But after reading, re-reading and finding very little negative information on the Neato, I decided to give it a try. In one word...awesome!! This is what a robotic vacuum should be. Just like other sites had stated, the little guy works as advertised and then some. As soon as he arrived, I plugged in the base and let him charge. With great trepidation, I started him up for his first pass and was immediately impressed. Instead of wandering around my house like a drunken sailor, he mapped out his surroundings and started to work, using the similar approach a regular human would take when vacuuming the house. Start in an area, do the perimeter, finish the area, move on to the next section or room, repeat until complete. He finds his way back to base unfailingly, never find him stranded or hung up and does a fantastic job. But the most impressive thing of all is, he doesn't require 2 hours of cleaning for every hour of working. The dust bin / filter assembly is as close to no-touch as one can get, the beaters do a great job pulling up debris, and did I don't have to spend HOURS cleaning out the gunk?? He has been on the job for almost a month and I have yet to have to pull a wad of crap out of his innards. Dump the bin, brush off the filter, replace the bin, he's ready for the next day. We have him running a Monday thru Friday schedule at 3:30 am, and every morning we find him faithfully perched on his base and the carpets look great! As far as noise level is concerned, I think he's actually much quieter than the Roomba. Our living / dining / kitchen area is around 900 sq ft, and he manages to do all of the rooms in one run. Takes him about 45 minutes, less than half the time of our old Roomba. Build quality looks great, he's got a nice hefty feel to him, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have another two months to decide if I want to purchase the extended warranty (which I probably will due to his initial cost), but at this stage I honestly feel like I'll never need to worry about it. Only time will tell, of course, but based on what I've seen to date, Roomba ought to be VERY concerned about their market share. Neato has definitely come up with a functional and intelligent robot that sets a new standard. Great job, Neato!!

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    tomb56 May 1, 2012
  • Can't live without him!

    We have had "him" for 1 year now and he is a part of our family. Could not live without him! We have had technical problem with the first one but consumer service is great and replace it! Since then he works like a charm. More reliable than me or my husband ! He cleans every morning at the same time! Love it. We have only wood floors and tiles. Very busy household with 3 kids, 1 golden retriever and 1 bird. Can't wait to get his "brother" to steam clean after him!

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    peekyshopper April 4, 2012
  • Neato Neato!

    Costs less than a Roomba and does a great job. Does it replace a thorough sweeping by a person? No. Will it keep your pet hair and dust bunny problems to a minimum with regular use? YES! Sounds like a small turbine engine warming up but once it gets going it is quieter than my upright vacuum. I recommend test runs in the rooms to make sure that the unit can move freely. Very pleased with purchase.

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    raineb March 23, 2012
  • Neato but not Great
    Verified Purchase

    This is a cool product. I purchased this because I did not want a robotic vacuum that cleaned randomly wasting battery power and missing spots. Well, the implementation of the laser guided technology used by Neato is not perfected.I hope that it may just be a software issue that can be updated in the future, but I am currently on the latest software update (2.6). I have used this for a bout 2 weeks now and noticed it's routine. I wanted to be able to use it on both floors of my house without any issues. It does scan the room and recognize doorways and other places which is really cool. It does a pretty good job of recognizing obstructions and working around them. The flaw however is that it turns corners instead of getting into them first and backing out to turn. Thus missing the entire corner and allowing for build up of dust and such. It also misses portions of the room and re-cleans other portions? I feel that this was the killer for me. I purchased this unit to avoid that problem and now feel that the i robot may have been a better choice. I would rather it clean the same spot over 2-3 times then to miss spots. It does do a good job of transitioning between hard surfaces and rugs/carpeting. Beware however of small rugs that get pushed instead of climbed on. You may want to tape them down. You also have to robot proof your home; Do not leave anything on the floors! Make it as simple as possible for it to clean without getting stuck. Overall it is a cool toy, and does a good job on carpet and rugs. It does an excellent job of detecting drop offs as well, and avoids bumping into things that may cause damage (maybe a little too much). I would not recommend this to anyone because I am not completely satisfied. They still have much to perfect in this type of vacuum, but it is getting there and I can't wait for them to achieve perfection.

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    lightningcomp November 18, 2012
  • Met my expectations.

    I decided to purchase the Neato Robotics because it is becoming more difficult for me to use my large vacuum cleaner. The Neato cleans well. The only problem is there can be no electrrical cords on the floor and sometimes it gets stuck under furniture. I did not use the boundary markers which would have made it all so much easier. Next time I will use them. Over all I am very pleased with the product.

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    retmis86 September 28, 2012
  • How did I ever live without this?

    I have four animals in my house and hardwood floors. I would come home everyday to what I like to call hair tumbleweeds! This little vaccuum takes off everyday at 2:00 pm, cleans the whole house and when I get home at 4:00 pm the house is clean and the little vaccuum has docked itself back at it's station, I empty the dust bin, it thanks me and I can get on with my life! BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

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    kittycutler September 26, 2012
  • Do not buy a V11 Neato

    I purchased a v12 Neato from a site that will remain wooted. Love the product, works great and have very clean floors after just a few weeks. Saw this one for about the same price so I jumped on it to get one for the upstairs too!! This product ignores its included "wall" and we found it several times down the stairs. It hangs itself on the simplest of obstacles, how it got into the positions we would find it is beyond our simple comprehension. also if you place it two feet from its charging base, it could not find its way home. Just awful. I returned the product and can't say enough nice things about Overstock, but this is not a good product. Glad I had the v12 first, as this would have killed Neatos in my house no matter what others would have said of the v12.

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    mikersanantonio April 25, 2012
  • Perfect for pets

    I also have Roomba but it always gets caught under bookcases and calls for rescue, plus my shedding machines (golden retriever and cocker spaniel) don't do Roomba any good. Long hairs coiled around the brushes and make it difficult to clean. Then I saw Neato. He does not have brush, just one rubber spinning kind of things. The suction is really good. Everyday we would use the vacuum to clean the dust bin. Easier to navigate than Roomba. Now Roomba is put upstair (no pets) and Neato takes over the whole first floor. But Neato does sound like an airplane going to take off when he works. But who cares, the vacuum machine sounds the same.

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    noinabruno March 20, 2012


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    pattyduke49 March 15, 2012
  • Better than expected

    Sucks good, cleans up hardwoods and tile very well. It picks up cat hair, etc very well. It also can go under some of the furniture, and gets dust and cat hair there also. All in all it is very good. Carpet and rugs are not it's strong point but it does okay on those, just not as good as a conventional vacuum cleaner. I would be again.

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    alaskared March 12, 2012
  • 3 months later

    I have all Travertine Stone floors with hardwoods in 1 bedrom. My stone floors are very rugged & this machine works like a charm. 3 months later & still going strong. I love it because it goes under all the furniture & beds where you typically forget to vaccum. Great for anyone with allergies. If you have wires behind consoles, for example stereo/surround sound wires, use the black strips included to block this guys from getting caught on them. If it runs our of battery power, it shuts down & returns itself to the charging base & will display on the LED screen. "Cleaning suspended while charging" I had to laugh the 1st time I emptied the "dirty" bin. The LED told me "Thank You". Very easy to operate. Charge, push start & get out of the way! Wish I would have got one sooner! Has saved my back. Just wished there was a "wet" version & I'd be set.

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    mgrunewald March 7, 2012
  • Neato Robitics Robitic Vacuum

    This is the neatest gadget I have ever gotten. I named her Josie. She works just as decribed gets really close in corners around furniture too. It's amazing how she seems to know exactly where shes been and where she needs to go to. Went in every room just as described , transition from hardwood to rugs NO problems !!!! Only have had two problems with her once she got stuck under a recliner and that same time she ran out of charge but that was only because she had been stuck so long. When she is finished she returns to her base to recharge all by herself. I got this because we have three dogs that shed like crazy and it drove me crazy . There is still dog hair but I can run her several times a week and it really helps. I would forsure reccommend this to anyone.

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    eebates March 5, 2012
  • WOWZA! Supercalifragalisticexpeealliedocious!

    We already had 2 working Rhumba Robatic Vacs but wanted another for a thirde BIG room, the kitchen. We searched this product and two websites for prices. Overstock was more economical and included free shipping & no tax! The package arrived as promised and Hubby had no difficulty setting up the charger base and vacuum. Within 3 hours, Neato was ready to go and GO it did; vacuumed the two rooms which had just been vacuumed previously by the other two Rhumbas. The dirt cup was FULL! Very efficient and smart! Returns to the base and the LED read-out even displays that message. We are VERY satisfied and trust Overstock, who ROCKS! Another GREAT bargain from Overstock! Thanx!

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    gingerpvm March 3, 2012
  • Love it so much that I bought a second one!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of my Neato vacuums!! I had no idea that our four cats were leaving so much fur around the house until I got my first Neato for Christmas. It amazes me how much dirt, dust, fur, kitty litter and debris the Neatos pick up, even when I think the floor is already clean. The programming and menu system are very convenient and easy to use. It is totally amazing to watch the Neato find and travel along a wall without touching it. When he does bump into a piece of furniture, it's not damaging. My house is filled with antiques, and I have no complaint about their treatment by the Neatos. The cats have been fascinated since the beginning -- absolutely no fear, not even from the most timid cat. Sometimes I worry that one cat will be bumped, because he totally ignores the Neato vacuum! No concern about the drapes, because the Neato travels neatly around them. I admit that the vacuum is a little bit loud, but the noise is very tolerable and not nearly as loud as a carpeting vacuum. And, from time to time, one will get confused or stuck under the couch with scalloped bottom edges. I had to try every outlet in the house before finding one that he could consistently find, so don't give up. (The outlet he likes best is not 3' from a doorway as they recommend, oddly enough). I liked my Christmas Neato so much that I bought another one for our finished basement. My husband can't believe how much I talk about my Neatos, saying that I've never been so happy with any other gift! Finally, I don't have to worry about being embarrassed by dirty floors if someone shows up at the house!! I am very happy with this product.

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    painthorsemom January 27, 2012
  • love love love!!!

    love this little guy! he is fascinating to watch! and like other reviews I've read you'll be both amazed and appalled at how much he picks up that your regular vacuum didn't - particularly on carpet I like the way he 'fluffs' up the pile, makes the carpet look so good My friend had me order one for her - she was sold just on my raving about it! LOVE that it cleans under beds cos lets face it, in reality, that part of the house gets done like once maybe twice a year if you're lucky!!! and if you have an especially cumbersome bed to move then this eliminates the need for all that heavy work. One review I saw (maybe on another site) mentioned how it was so loud - well, no I don't think it's any louder than a regular vacuum cleaner - remember you aren't normally in another room when you are vacuuming!!! so you don't realize that vacuums do make noise!!! I also saw some websites referring to the 'latest firmware' - well you can do updates by plugging in the neato to your computer and downloading updates as and when relevant, so don't be fooled! Totally recommend - get it! you won't be sorry

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    texcat1 January 26, 2012
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