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  • Exactly what we were looking for!
    Verified Purchase

    We had been looking for a modem style sofa for sometime but we couldn't find one within our price range. This sofa has what we were looking for. The sofa is soft and comfortable. The fabric is as the other reviews have advised. It is a twill color but is actually a basket weave. I believe it will be more durable with is fabric. The cushions are filled with a mixture of feathers and foam with easy access to refill if needed. Overall we are very happy a with our purchase!

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    jkk10 May 4, 2014
  • large and so elegant

    After moving into our new home the living was twice the size than we used to have so I decided to fill in the space and finally have a huge and beautiful sofa. I was shocked when I saw this beauty and the price was affordable enough. Now the living sparkles of freshness and subtle elegance and we have enough seating option whenever guests arrive. Everyone is jealous and I ma really proud f my new sofa.

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    tessabrians January 10, 2013
  • perfect sofa

    I can be really picky and really judgmental when buying furniture for my home as I always need the best. This is the first piece I ordered and it perfectly suiting my needs and taste. It has a solid and durable construction, a fresh and elegant design and it is large and spacey enough for all of us to sit in comfort. Did I mention how beautiful it is?

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    jessicagere January 7, 2013
  • touch of beauty

    This cream sofa brought a touch of beauty into the room. It is really large, fresh and spacey, looking amazing. Finally I have enough space and seating option whenever guests arrive and I do not have to bring in all the extra chairs. Service and help was really professional and the price affordable.

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    amyrogers January 4, 2013
  • really great deal

    This three piece sectional sofa was great to buy. It made our living look fresh, elegant and really sophisticated, without being too much or overwhelming. The light color matches perfectly with the fine touch of the twill material and the pieces can be arranged as we wish. We always receive a new look and most important, a really comfortable seating for us and our guests.

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    samanthalear December 19, 2012
  • beautiful piece

    I have heard so many great feedback from Overstock that I was anxious about my order to arrive. As a first order I started with quite a large piece of sofa, but it is so beautiful and elegant, that I had to give a try. When arrived I was like a child at Christmas and when finally assembled I was relieved and really satisfied. The sofa is as beautiful as shown, it is large and spacey, providing the daily comfort for me and my guests. Thank you.

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    vivianquales December 17, 2012
  • so fresh and comfortable

    This cream sofa set is really comfortable and the most beautiful piece I have ever had. It is light, fresh and really sophisticated. It is way easier to clean as I imagined without damaging the material. We have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the evenings, and since I have this sofa I no longer lack of seating options when guests arrive.

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    anniesigmunf December 14, 2012
  • Had it for 2 years now, doesn't hold up well.

    I've had this sofa for 2 years now and I would not recommend it. In the first 6 months it started to look really old because the stuffing in pillows stays crinkled. It's also not a comfortable sofa because the pillows do not have high density foam, just some sort of basic stuffing. I thought about trying to replace the pillows with high-density foam, but it's quite expensive. As described by others, you have to fluff up the pillows every time after you sit on it, otherwise it looks really messy. Lastly, the fabric has started to bead up like an old sweater, and it now looks like a 10 year old sofa, rather than a 2 year old one. I think this will be hard to sell at this stage for anything over $300.

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    korg28203 December 4, 2012
  • Love it!
    Verified Purchase

    I absolutely adore this couch!! It is perfect! Its fits well in my living room and brightens the room. It is a fairly low sitting couch but I don't mind this at all. The assembly was easy, just screwing in the legs. The delivery was painless and quick. The sofa is quite wide and can sit 6-7 ppl comfortably.

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    fififalana November 21, 2012
  • I love this sofa

    I love this sofa, and it is mine now. I was looking for so long to have this sofa and when it arrived I was excited and happy. Fortunately it is just as beautiful and top quality as shown and above all this it is really comfortable. Now I have a large enough sofa where all my visitors can sit comfortably and I can enjoy a relaxing evening after a hard working day.

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    oliviapeter November 18, 2012
  • perfect in look and quality

    This sofa is perfect in look and quality also. The cream color is really light, fresh and natural, bringing light and a refined elegant touch to the living. All of sit on it comfortably every evening when the family is together, and we enjoy talking and watching a movie. Cleaning is way easier than expected and the construction is solid enough to last for a long time.

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    victoriasimons November 15, 2012
  • love the soft look

    I really love the soft look of this sofa. It has a really natural color and it is airy and fresh with the design and material. All made of top quality materials and high quality work, given on a really affordable price. 5 people can sit in the most comfortable way and one can even sleep on it; trust me I know. I can never get enough from Overstock and all the beautiful pieces.

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    danamorgan November 12, 2012
  • amazingly beautiful

    This cream sofa is amazingly beautiful and looks fantastic in my living. The design is simple and extremely elegant, while the light and natural color gives a fresh and sophisticated look. the best near the beauty is the comfort everyone receives while sitting together and enjoying a family evening. I warmly recommend this sofa as it is the most beautiful and perfect piece one can get.

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    deboraking November 9, 2012
  • perfect for me

    Oh, I was looking for soo long for this sofa, more or less since I saw it at my brother’s house in his living room. Amazing, and now that I have it I cannot express my gratitude to overstock about this sofa. The guys from the office said to me that I will be satisfied with my purchase.** I am 1000% satisfied. I tell you this is how a customer should be treated. I think I will become a returning customer after this.

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    tinamorgans November 7, 2012
  • LOOKS PRETTY, but....
    Verified Purchase

    I received the sectional in 3 large boxes... Living in NYC in a studio, it was, at first, difficult to move around. As I opened the large boxes, I inspected each item. Each box I opened, I assembled the sofa sections easily. One box contained damaged legs - But OVERSTOCK gave me a refund for the damage. My disappointment came when I realized how low the sectional truly is. If you don't want to sit about 6 inches off the ground - DON'T GET THIS SECTIONAL! If you want cleaner lines without having to fluff - DON'T GET THIS SECTIONAL! If you want a higher sofa back for more support - DON'T GET THIS SECTIONAL! The sectional DOES fit nicely into my 360 sqr ft studio apartment. The sectional DOES make a nice bed for company. After looking for a sectional for over a year, I settled... I should NOT have. The sectional is truly lovely to look at but (to me) the comfort level is not what I expected nor is the quality - (at least, not the long-term quality). I'm not sure this sectional will hold it's "loveliness" past a year or so...

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    vlc321 October 27, 2012
  • amazing design and elegant

    I love my new sofa. It has an amazing look and it is elegant and large. The smooth touch of the material is paired with the durable and solid frame. Our children love jumping on it so I am a bit afraid, but happily it lasts the pressure. I received great quality for my money again.

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    isabelastor July 25, 2012
  • perfect look

    This sofa has a perfect look. It is elegant, fresh and beautiful. All the small details make it look amazing and simple. The frame is really solid while the cushion is soft and comfortable. I no longer have to worry about extra space when guest come over as it is comfortable for even five to sit on. I really recommend it to all of you searching for affordable quality and unique style.

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    helengreene July 23, 2012
  • certainly not for small areas

    This sofa is certainly not made for small living rooms. I have quite a large living area and even this way it takes up a lot of space, but it worth buying. The color and material is smooth and soft, really natural and fresh for the room. It has enough space even for five people to sit comfortably on and sturdy enough to last for long. Quick shipping and affordable price.

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    charlottehayes July 18, 2012
  • Won't recommend it
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this sectional 8 months ago for the look, I would not have purchased it if I knew: 1) it needs constant fluffing of the back cushions, otherwise, they just look like a melted mess on the couch, no shape at all; 2) the seat cushions droop after you sit on them for a while, they don't look crispy in the pic 3) it makes straw/ plastic sound when you sit on them. And they are not cushy at all. I wish I can return them

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    myuan July 12, 2012
  • new town new sofa

    I was recently relocated to a new town and I found a gallery flat for myself. This sofa was the ideal choice for decorating a part of my flat since it is big enough for 7 people to sit on it comfortably and also good to use it when I want to lie down and watch a good game. The price is right and shipment was fast. What more would you like?

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    edithjustin July 12, 2012