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  • Disappointed in color
    Verified Purchase

    This rug is very plush and soft; feels like a good quality. However, I could tell the color was off before I even unrolled it. This rug has a strong purple undertone, NOTHING like the warm brown pictured. I even checked all the light bulbs in the room to see if any were cool-toned and none were. In most light and angles, the rug is purpley. Only when looking directly at it from overhead did it look like any kind of brown. Very disappointed because I love the pattern. So, be forewarned if you are looking for a warm brown colored rug, this won't work for you. I've returned it.

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  • LOVE this rug
    Verified Purchase

    I *love* this rug and honestly couldn't be any happier with it. It's a simple, nice design, very well made, and provides color while being neutral enough not to totally control a room. I feel like I lucked out on finding this.

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  • Great quality - watch the color and the shedding

    The rug came quickly and was packaged well. The brown isn't a dark chocolate as in the picture, it has more gray tones, and in some light a bit pink/purple tones...definitely on the warmer side - which worked well for me - but may not for everyone. It's very thick and well made. My kids find the wool 'itchy' and have been laying blankets on top of it. It's still in the aggressive shedding phase, but hopefully in a few weeks that will die down. We've been inhaling fibers for a week now. Very attractive. The circles are more of a light blue / moss green. Very subtle color. I love it - but not sure that it looks the same as in the picture.

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