Hammocks & Swings

A hammock is a relaxing addition to your backyard, porch, or camping trip. Shop a variety of styles to suit your space or lifestyle at Overstock.com. Enjoy the restful sway of a new hammock on your back patio, or opt for a Grand Cayman hammock that comes with its own wooden stand ensuring you always have a way to lounge with or without trees. If you'd rather incorporate your hammock time with the great outdoors, a rope hammock or Brazilian style hammock hung between two trees will make the perfect outdoor escape. When planning your next backpacking adventure, a parachute hammock is a lightweight and durable option for the outdoorsman. Whether you're enjoying a book in a hammock chair or reclining in a roomy double hammock, shop Overstock.com and find the perfect hammock to make your home feel like a vacation everyday.