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  • No so much
    Verified Purchase

    Broke within two months. Floor vacuum nozzle head died.

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  • Just what we needed

    Some years ago, we purchased a 2-story house with a built-in Beam vacuum system. We liked it a lot, but of course it was annoying to carry the hose up and down stairs to do the floors. Well, I didn't realize what a joy new equipment could be. This set-up works extremely well with my system. The older parts have been permanently left upstairs. Downstairs, the power head and longer hose have made floor cleaning MUCH less of a chore. The bare-floor head works quite well, too. When we got the tools, my wife cleaned all the floors and went looking for more dirty places. "This is much easier to use!" she said. So, what else can I say about vacuuming tools? These work.

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  • GV Central Vacuum Hose and Head Kit

    We bought this item after our ******** replacement quite working after 2 years. It was half the price of our previous non-******* model, lighter, better built, and did a better job! The hose is a little on the cheap side, but for what we paid it will do just fine. Extremely pleased with this product!

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  • Exceeds expectations

    I ordered this kit to replace a similar product that I had been using for 17 years and not expecting to find how much better this unit performed. Besides the power head being lighter it performed as well if not better than my original Beam unit. All the extra tools are a bonus.

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  • Great value for money spent

    I ordered this item from GreatVacs and it was a perfect fit for my ElectroLux central vac system.. The items arrived exactly as described. GreatVacs was excellent in describing the items and shipping was very fast. I highly recommend them and their products.

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  • The attachment fit my system and was reasonably pr
    Verified Purchase

    We have difficulty with the wand portion. Your customer service rep gave us the contact information. When we contacted the company they sent us a replacement wand but the wand sits in the power nozzle backwards. It still works but is awkward.

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  • in house vac
    Verified Purchase

    Product poorer in quality then i expected. Hose very light, kinks easily and I feel it will not last very long, power head sufficient for my need and accessories very good.

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