French Press Coffee Maker Set - 5-pieces Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Press 34 oz. with 2 Coffee Mugs, Spoon and Scoop

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French Press Coffee Maker Set - 5-pieces Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Press 34 oz. with 2 Coffee Mugs, Spoon and Scoop

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5 Piece French Press Set - With Function and Style

The French press is a marvel of the coffee world. This visually appealing and simple to use tool produces incredible tasting coffee that's unparalleled to that of a traditional drip machine. The latter uses paper filters which often do not fully saturate every coffee ground and absorbs their natural oils in the paper; robbing the cup of coffee from it's full potential of flavor and wasting perfectly good grounds. Our french press saturates each ground releasing flavorful oils resulting in rich, robust, mouth-watering flavor you'll look forward to tasting each and every day.

  • Exclusive premium Insulated french press set for Coffee, Tea, etc. French press kit includes elegant 34 oz (1-liter) mirror-finish double-walled french press, pair of 16 oz coffee mugs, long handle s-shape spoon, replacement filter, and measure scoop for easy and sophisticated coffee-making and entertaining.
  • Modern coffee press pot made of 18/8 heavy-duty stainless steel; double-walled beaker and lid keep coffee hotter for longer. Tea press features smooth-pour spout and ergonomic handle for easy, mess-free pouring. Flat bottom ensures coffee and tea maker stability on any surface. perfect for indoor, outdoor, on the go, camping, picnic, etc.
  • Includes 2 elegant, double-walled coffee cups and s-shaped handle spoon for resting on mug. Replacement double-mesh filter ensures longer use out of french press. A measuring scoop allows users to get the perfect amount of coffee grounds each time.
  • Stainless steel french press makes delicious, full-bodied coffee in just a few easy steps; simply pour coarse coffee grounds in manual coffee maker, pour hot water, stir with spoon, allow to steep for 4 minutes, push plunger knob down and now coffee is ready to be enjoyed!
  • Disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. Dishwasher safe for convenient clean up. French press coffee maker set ships in secure packaging in an elegant box that's perfect for gifting for special moments.

Product Details:

Immerse yourself in a whole new coffee drinking experience with FineDine's 6 piece French Press Set. Not only will you have everything you need to make incredible tasting coffee, you'll have everything you need to serve it too; making this an incredible gift set for every special occasion.

  • Entire set constructed of 18/8 stainless steel 
  • French Press and cups Double Walled                
  • Flat, stable bottom press and mugs
  • Ergonomic, easy to hold handle
  • Durable plunger and double-walled lid
  • Smooth pour spout
  • Dishwasher safe

Package Content:

Stainless Steel French Press, Capacity: 34 Oz./1005 ml.
2  Stainless  Steel Coffee Mugs, Capacity: 16 Oz./473 ml.
Stainless Coffee Spoon ~  Stainless Coffee Scoop
Replacement Filter Screen

Why You'll Love It:

Perfect Set 

Perfect for serving coffee for one to two. this french press' capacity of 34 ounces allows users to brew more than enough coffee for 2. Functional and beautiful; this gorgeous french press will surely be the centerpiece of any table setting when entertaining guests.

Purest Coffee Ever

A truly great cup of coffee has the power to transport and inspire. Yet when on the go, we often settle for a convenient cup that falls short, a harried hustle out the door, a crowded commute, a day of back to back meetings, you deserve something incite, We Invented one that delivers!

Country of Origin: China


Item #
Stainless Steel
French Press
Coffee Format
Ground Coffee
Cups Per Brew
2-5 Cups
Product Features
Dishwasher Safe Parts
Model Number


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