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  • Positive
    Verified Purchase

    Makes great espresso with all the froth on top of the coffee. Also looks great with the rest of the stainless steel appliances.

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  • Love it!
    Verified Purchase

    Bought this machine for my husband's birthday. He absolutely loves this machine! He loves the espresso this machine produces. So glad I bought this for him. Probably the best birthday gift I ever bought him.

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  • Great Espresso Maker
    Verified Purchase

    Great Espresso maker, this is the fourth espresso machine I have owned, the first was cheap, the second one a higher end XXXXXX, which was a piece of junk, had to return it twice, finally they would not replace it anymore, and I had barely used it. Bought my mom a XX XXXXXXX for her birthday and it cant even begin to compare with this machine. Everything about it was thought out well, and has lots of features that most espresso makers do not have. I like that you can control the steam for the frother with the knob on top. On previous machines (which I have uses over the past 10 years) I have never used the frother more than once because they never worked well. I also like how this machine has two buttons, one for making the espresso, and the other for the steam. Cheap machines have a selector knob with a valve, they always break! This has much less to go wrong with it. The only problem I had was when I got it and tried it for the first time I had a problem with getting the pump to prime, not sure if the water basket was not seating properly, or if the pump just had air in it. Messed with the water basket, and let it run for several minutes, and from there on, it has been great! Have used it once or more per day since buying it, and so far the friends and family keep coming back wanting a cappuccino or espresso.

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