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  • perfect look

    I bought this TV cabinet because I saw it at my neighbor who bought recently two TV cabinets just because she couldn’t decide which one to buy. I like this one better because it is sorted with my other furniture. As my neighbor said the service is spotless and she was right. I am fully satisfied in every way by overstock.

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  • great look and unique design

    I changed every single piece in my living as I needed a refreshed look that is not dark and too elegant. I ordered a great light beige sofa with two matching club chairs and when I saw this great TV cabinet I knew this will fit the best in the room. I love the two color combination, the light and airy look that makes the room lighter and fresh. Every accessory and cable has its own place and I received the perfect display option. Love it.

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  • beautiful look

    I love the fresh and natural look of this TV cabinet. I got bored and fed up with all the dark brown and black pieces, I needed a refreshment for my living. As soon as I saw this beauty I ordered it, because the price was more than affordable. All beautiful and top quality, with enough storage space for all the cables and accessories. Thank you guys.

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  • large and spacey

    Lots of options with this TV cabinet. Space, storage place for DVDs and CDs or even for a home cinema system. I enjoy it a lot because of the hard top on which my big screen LED TV stays. My wife isn’t that happy about the TV but I am and that is what matters. She likes the TV cabinet because of its size.

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  • love the color

    I love the color combination of this TV stand, this is why I ordered this one. The light colors give a fresh and natural tone to the piece and match with the furniture and decor of the room. The stand is really solid and massive for the TV and there is just enough storage space for all the accessories. The size is just perfect as near the TV I can use the top as a fine display option.

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  • enough space for all the accessories

    I ordered this specific TV cabinet as my wife loves these light and natural colors and told be to buy this. I choose for more practical reasons and saw that there is enough storage space for all the accessories and cables so it was a great piece for both of us. Easy to assemble and massive enough to last for a long time.

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  • love the color combination

    I love the color combination of this TV stand. i always preferred natural sand and earth colors that look amazing in our living. The price was more than affordable and service quality was great. I have a nice display option with this cabinet and we also have a comfortable storage space for all the cables and accessories of the home cinema system. We could not dream of a better purchase.

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  • great colors

    From all the TV cabinets it was really hard to choose one. Finally the color combination made me order this specific cabinet. I love light colors, and these two are my favorite ones. Furthermore, the piece not only looks amazing but we have enough storage space for the cables, accessories and home cinema system pieces and DVDs. It looks great, it is useful and durable.

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  • Horrible Assembly
    Verified Purchase

    I rarely write reviews but I very much regret buying this tv stand. The assembly pieces were not measured and the pieces came with multiple unnecessary drill holes and chips almost on every corner. End pieces were made in reverse so when I finished assembling the back cork was faced front. Very disappointed because if it was made properly it would have been a really nice unit.

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  • natural art piece

    This stand is a natural art piece. Simple, fresh and elegant with enough storage space and functionality. Even more it matches perfectly with the design of the living. Shipping and service was impeccable and I received quality for my money. Thank you.

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  • perfect price and look

    This TV cabinet not only has the perfect look I needed but it is highly affordable. I chose this one because of the material and color combination, as I do not like only one colored pieces. This one is natural, fresh and even elegant in my living and with the two colors it is even alive. Assembly was fast and easy and the piece will last for long as it is solid and high quality enough.

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  • affordable style

    I love ordering from here as I can get elegant pieces and great designed furniture on affordable budget. This is how I found this amazing stand with these natural and fresh colors and simple design. It has enough drawers for storage and the stand is solid for our flat screen TV. Even more, it matches perfectly with the living design.

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  • perfect fit

    The best thing about this TV cabinet is its practicality and size. It fits perfectly to our living room furniture since it’s the same color so it actually looks like a whole set. Didn’t have second thoughts when I saw this. Shipment was really fast and the assembly too. Perfect fit for our needs.

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  • change of mind

    First we bought this TV cabinet for its original purpose but then we changed the decoration of the room and installed a brand new home cinema projector. Now the cabinet is used for storing the DVD player and home cinema amplifier, and the tons of DVD’s we have. For us it was the perfect choice. Everything is fast at overstock.

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  • beautiful color combination

    I am really proud of my new TV cabinet. It looks amazing with the light color combination, looking beautiful and most of all, natural. The design is simple and elegant, modern. It is large enough for our home cinema system and the storage space is perfect for all the accessories and additions. Shipping was fast and the quality is way better than the affordable price reflects. I really recommend it.

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  • Not worth the price
    Verified Purchase

    I was so excited for this item to come in. It took 3 hours to assemble. That would have been alright, but one of the boards was cracked and we didn't notice until the whole thing was put together. Since we took all that time, we decided not to disassemble and request unbroken pieces. Now I just hope people don't notice it when they come over. Also, the holes for the cabinets were not all drilled in correctly, so the one cabinet does not fit properly enough to close all the way. This would be acceptable for an item that costs $$$, not $$$. I am very disappointed. IF you order this item, make sure all holes line up the way they should and that no pieces are cracked and broken BEFORE assembly!

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  • Take a look at this beauty!

    I approve! This TV stand gets me the designer look for a LOT less. I've seen similar TV stands in home theater specialty stores for nearly a thousand.

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  • clean and modern

    We wanted a TV stand that was clean and modern and this fits right in with what we were looking for and with our existing furniture. The white is very fresh.

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  • Cool colors

    I love the white against brown in this TV stand but I hated the assembly. I loved the quick shipping but hated the assembly. I love all the storage space but hate the assembly. You get the idea! But I love this style. Far more pluses than minuses.

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  • Fabulous style - seriously fabulous

    This TV stand is a blast of fabulous style. It's very trendy and has the same color scheme as my living room so it was a no-brainer for me to scoop this up. i was missing a packet of bolts and screws, no biggie. Overstock sent them straightaway and they were in my hands in 3 days.

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