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  • Excellent product
    Verified Purchase

    I had never seen a blue bamboo rug, and this was perfect for a high traffic area. I mop it to clean! It is at LEAST 7 years old, and still doing well. Still looks good.

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  • Beautiful!
    Verified Purchase

    Colors are awesome, rug was flawless...everything I wanted!

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  • Not what I expected
    Verified Purchase

    The colors are not what I expected. They are not very pleasing and not only are they jarring, they don't go very del together. Perhaps this could work in as a floor covering for a deck --- as long as you are color blind.

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  • Love it!
    Verified Purchase

    Love the bamboo rug. I use it in my carpeted dining room under the table. Easy clean-up. More teal than blue, though.

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