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  • Why
    Verified Purchase

    Waste of money..did not work for me.

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  • Don't waste your money
    Verified Purchase

    I eat half of an avacado everyday and thought it would be nice to have the second half as fresh and pretty as the first so I bought this little gadget. It is good in theory but lacking in reality. You have to cut the avacado in a precise half so that the surface is flush with the surface of the Saver. My cuts are not quite so precise. Maybe there is another tool out there for cutting the avacado. Anyway, you would probably have the same results if you used plastic food storage wrap. I will continue to toss the other half in a ziplock bag.

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  • Avocado Saver
    Verified Purchase

    Does not keep browning away any better than plastic wrap.

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  • Great Product
    Verified Purchase

    The product worked great. There was a tiny bit of browning, but I just scraped it off.

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