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  • Wonderful Bed!!!

    We purchased this bed for our 3year old. At first I slept in it with him to ease him into his new big bed, but found it to be so comfortable that I am still sleeping in it and we are purchasing a King size mattress for ourselves. My back pain is gone; I no longer wake through the night in pain and having to adjust my position. It is a wonderful bed. It had little to no off gassing, went to its full size in a matter of a minute. My son and I took an afternoon nap in it that day. It is mostly firm and conforms to your body. The foam material stays cool and it returns to its original flat state almost instantly. We highly recommend this bed.

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  • Outstanding comfort
    Verified Purchase

    This is the most comfortable soft mattress I have ever slept on. Conforms wonderfully to your body leaving no pressure points. Haven't slept this well since I was a child. The organic materials and green features are a big plus too. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. A great find and a great buy. Quality of materials and workmanship are perfect making it very nice to look at and feel.

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  • firm = HARD
    Verified Purchase

    This mattress is very HARD even with a 2" foam topper, padded mattress pad and a reg pad over that. It took it's time to expand all the way (no smell by the way) and I don't think it went to the full 8", but close enough to not go to the trouble of shipping it back. The corners are raised up and the mattress is not flat. If I had "do overs" I'd rather have something softer, but it is better than the worn out mattress I did have.

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