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  • Live it

    Woe, this actually works. I started to take it help with cravings and this actually worked. I have bought so many diet pills of the net that are a hoax. But I love this. My husband and I have been sharing it, and it is working for him too.

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  • Really was suprised that it worked

    I was really surprised that this product works. I didn't feel hungry and actually lost the 10 pounds that I have been trying to lose for years.

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  • This is good

    I love this. I love the energy I feel when I take it. It actually works for me. I would recommend it. Some days I took 2 pills and other days, I did 3. Depending if I needed extra help. I have lost 14 pounds in two months

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  • Amazing

    This stuff actually works. To my surprise. I just finished doing a strict diet and had hit a platto. Anyway, I started to take this and now I have started to lose more and I am not hungry. I feel energized too.

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  • Love this product

    I started to take this product in between HCG. I needed that added push when I go into the maintenance part of my hcg. It really has helped control my appetite. So I can reset my metabolism. I not only kept the weight off, but I am losing since I started to have my appetite controlled. I love this product. I will probably always have a bottle around.

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  • Losing weight gradually

    I have been taking this for two months now and I am on a steady path to weight loss. I am down 17 pounds and I feel great. I am eating what I want, but much less of it. I like this product a lot.

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  • Down 15 pounds

    I have been taking this for 26 days and I am down 15 pounds. It definately helps control your appetite. It gives you energy too.

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  • I like the energy I feel with this product

    I have energy and feel less hungry. It works for me. I feel really good and I am starting to see the weight loss.

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  • Gave me energy

    I needed a little boost in my weight loss. I felt like I had hit a stop, so I wanted something to give me a boost. My friend took this and lost 33 pounds by controlling her appetite with these, so I decided to try them. I really like them. I am now back to losing weight again. I noticed they are made in the USA also, so that is a plus in my books.

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  • Very good

    I took this at the same time that I did the HCG diet. It really took the edge of from feeling hungy. I was energized and felt really good on it. I am now taking this on it's own, without doing the HCG diet and I am showing a steady weight loss.

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  • Not Sure yet!
    Verified Purchase

    I am only on the first bottle for about 2 weeks. It does curb your appetite which enables me to select healthy food choices! I will post another review in another month!

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  • I like how it makes me feel

    I felt energised with this product and I could really tell it was working. I have started to lose weight and I am not hungry

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  • I feel energized

    I have energy and feel good taking this. I can tell they are working because I am not craving food. First week on them and I am down 5 pounds. Can't wait for week 4.

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  • I can feel it work

    I have energy and I don't feel as hungy when I take this product. I would recommend it to you.

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  • Very good

    This actually works. My two friends and I decided to buy one bottle and decided to give it a try and see if it actually helps curb your appetite. Drum roll please...... It worked for all three of us. We have only been taking it for a week and I am down 5 pounds, and my other two friends are down 6 pounds and 4 pounds. Now I will have to order more because I shared. Actually worth the money.

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  • It works for me and I recommend it

    I felt energized and very happy after taking this. I feel as though it is working. I have only taken it for 5 days, but feel as though I have lost inches already.

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  • Work for me

    These pills work for me. I was also impressed by the fact I got more than one months worth in a bottle. Made the price even better.

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  • Pleasantly surprised

    I was relaly surprised that it works so well. I haven't taken it every day, but I can sure tell the difference when I have. I will buy more until I have lost all the weight. Down 16 pounds so far.

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  • they work!!!
    Verified Purchase

    it works!!!! that is all i can say! luv it!!! i sweat more when i work out so i know its definitely doing something!

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  • Very good

    It gives me energy and I can tell it is working. I am not thinking aobut food all day

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