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  • It works!

    The Tanda Blue absolutely works for myself and my son. We have used in trouble areas a few sessions in one sitting and it is a great standby. I have also used the Tanda red light with great results.

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  • Didn't do a thing
    Verified Purchase

    I followed all the instructions and saw no improvements after a month a use.

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  • didnt work
    Verified Purchase

    I don't have horrible acne. I have frequent breakouts and I used the product in the problem areas for about 2-3 weeks. I noticed absolutely no improvement. I returned it.

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  • Good Aid for Clearing up Acne
    Verified Purchase

    I had another brand's blue light acne therapy device that I had used for years, but the rechargeable battery gave up the ghost. So, I went looking for a replacement. The brand I had before had more than tripled in price to the point where I didn't consider purchasing it again. I considered this brand for a few days before buying it. The pros were the reasonable price, that it has a rechargeable battery inside, has a large light area and an automatic timer (3 minutes per session). The con is that it only shows blue light and not both blue and red. The order arrived within a week. It takes a few hours (around 3) to charge the first time, but it re-charges fairly quickly after that. The large light area means you can cover more area on your face when you use it, and it's easy to clean. It comes with a stand, or you can plug it directly into the unit. It doesn't come with a travel case (but it fits in the travel case from my old device). I like both the instruction manual which is informative and the timer in the device. I am rapidly approaching 60 and continue to have some acne on my chin and around the base of my nose. I take an antibiotic daily which helps but doesn't eliminate the acne. The blue light therapy helps control remaining breakouts by either stopping them or causing them to heal quickly. I would recommend this to anyone with stubborn acne as an aid to help control it.

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  • Good Product
    Verified Purchase

    good product for the price. helps with uncomfortable cystic acne.

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