Pedicure Assistant Stand with LED Light - Portable, Adjustable, Space Saving Pedicure Kit Foot Rest Step at Home - Blue

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Pedicure Assistant Stand with LED Light - Portable, Adjustable, Space Saving Pedicure Kit Foot Rest Step at Home - Blue

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Reach Your Toes With Ease For A The Perfect Pedicure!
           This pedi stool tray helps you achieve a beautiful home  pedicure at a fraction of the cost of pricey salons and on your own  schedule! Use it on the ground or slide it under your bed or couch  cushions to create an instant platform. Your body weight and the  mattress will secure the pedi foot stool in place. It raises your foot  for you, for a no bending pedicure and a more comfortable and safe  position.  Battery-operated LED flex-light adds extra illumination  wherever you need it.  Whether you just need a quick touch up between  salon visits or prefer the privacy of your own place for pedicures, use  this pedi foot tray as a reliable and supportive platform for your foot.  The device comes in self-contained storage case, and includes a power  pack and a task light for additional illumination.  Approximately 12” x 8  ½” x 2” and requires 3 AA batteries.

  • FAST, COMFORTABLE, SAFE - Allows you to give yourself a pedicure  without having to bend over. Just put your foot into the perfect  position with this adjustable pedi foot step and your done. Saves you  time and allows you to get a pedicure on your own schedule and not the  salons.
  • ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHT - Includes a flexible LED light  that allows you to have extra illumination where you need it. Helps  prevent errors and allows you to have the perfect pedicure.
  •  EASY CLEANUP & LESS MESS - The foot pedi step has a paint shelf and  drip tray. The paint shelf holds your paint and doubles as a drip tray.  Making sure cleanup is easy and no mess is created. You can easily put  small objects like polish bottles, nail clippers, and etc here as well.
  •  EASY TO USE - This pedi tray can be used on the ground or underneath a  couch, stool, bed, and etc. Enabling you to get in the perfect position  for filing and painting.
  • Pedicure Assistant Stand With LED Light - Stedi, Portable, Adjustable, Save Saving Pedi At Home Foot Step
Country of Origin: China


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