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  • Great purchase!
    Verified Purchase

    These instanat cold packs work very well.

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  • Good - Not Great
    Verified Purchase

    I really like the fact that I can place it on my ankle, while resting my foot upon a stool, and it doesn't slide off as fast as those with a sleek exterior. So, the rough exterior is a good thing. I just wish it stayed colder longer. I need to use twice as many as another Instant Ice Pack - that I cannot find anymore. So, I'm careful when using these. If I'm going to need to ice something for more than 15 minutes, and I'm home, I'll just go grab a bag of frozen corn! Still useful when 'on-the-go'. As I stated in the "Quality" section, I will probably look online for another brand when I need more. Does keep really cold for about 15 minutes.

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  • First Aid Supplies
    Verified Purchase

    I always think of Overstock when I order first aid supplies. Good product and price, speedy service. They always perform up to my expectations.

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  • Great Product !
    Verified Purchase

    These cold packs are great. You simply squeeze until the inside water pack pops, shake, and you have instant cold. The packs get almost ice cold, but not cold enough to "burn" . You can place them directly against the skin. The price is reasonable enough that you just dispose of the pack once you are finished with it. A couple of cautions, though: 1. They work best at room temperature. I live in Arizona where the summer heat can reach 110F+. If you pack a few of these outside on a hot day, their performance will be very disappointing when activated. Leaving them in that kind of heat for any period of time can ruin them and they may not function at all. 2. Activating the packs can be challenging. It requires quite a bit of hand strength to squeeze them hard enough to pop the small inside water pack. Overall, though, they work exactly as advertised.

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