Lower Back Support Pain Relief Belt Unit Muscle Stimulator Adjustable - Black

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The Beurer EM38 Lower Back Support Belt & TENS Device provides targeted and comfortable muscle pain relief around your lumbar lordosis. It utilizes electrostimulation targeting the lower back. The ergonomic belt fastens at the waist and it includes an extension strap and batteries. The flexible belt fits a waist circumference of 30-55 inches (with the extension). This unit features an LCD display panel (a removable control unit) which indicates if the unit is turned on, visualizes the timer, and allows you to choose the intensity and program. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity with the buttons on the device. The EM38 has 4 channels and 20 adjustable intensity levels for you to choose from. The belt has 4 water contact electrodes, which eliminate the need (and additional costs) for replacement electrodes and contact gel, and it is completely reusable. What is TENS? TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) treats the area directly by working in harmony with your body to alleviate both severe and chronic pain. The low voltage electrical current travels through the electrodes and into the skin stimulating specific nerve pathways to produce a tingling or massaging sensation that reduces and suppresses pain signals.


  • TENS THERAPY – TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: The Beurer EM38 TENS lower back belt can be strapped around your waist to directly combat pain and offer a drug-free alternative to relieving backaches while offering a comfortable and easy-to-use alternative
  • 4 ELECTRODES: The electric massager includes 4 reusable water contact electrodes. No replacement pads or gels are needed. The intensity of the device will automatically switch to 0 when it detects no body contact.
  • 4 MODES – ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: Choose between the 4 30-minute channels and 20 adjustable intensity levels, for maximum comfort and relief. The back-support belt for men and women includes an extension strap and batteries
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The TENS machine features auto-shutoff, a pause function, safety switch-off, and a key lock
Country of Origin: United States


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