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  • Pretty
    Verified Purchase

    Easy to use and great instruction.

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  • Cute
    Verified Purchase

    This kit taught me how to make tissue paper flowers. It was easy and I love the colors! The bouquet is very full. Easy to duplicate on your own if you want to make multiple bouquets.

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  • Frustrating
    Verified Purchase

    While the final result was pretty the kit was so frustrating and poorly equipped I sent the second one back. The instructions are awful. The wire is so flimsy that it doesn't hold up the flower heads; the amount of tissue doesn't match the number of wires; the stickum on the package was so strong that the instructions got stuck to the cover in a way that made reading them hard (OK, a little comical). You will do better to buy floral wire, tape and tissue at the craft store and experiment at home. I'm sorry about that because the final bouquet of this kit is pretty.

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  • The perfect kit for making paper flowers
    Verified Purchase

    I've bought several of these kits and, while they are time intensive, they turn out beautiful. They require no skill, just nimble fingers and a lot of time. They turn out just like the cover, though, and I've found that each packet can make 4-5 bouquets - a ton more than the cover suggests!

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  • Positive
    Verified Purchase

    The product was as described. The only thing I had an issue with were the insturction, print was small and hard on my eyes, but other than that the product turned out great! I will purchase again and would highly recommend it.

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