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  • No Bubbles!
    Verified Purchase

    I didn't have any issues applying these screen protectors. I was a little disappointed that it didn't cover the whole iPod, rather JUST the screen, center back, click wheel and general area around the click wheel (not the very center of the click wheel, sides or top front, around the screen). I'm not sure exactly how reusable these actually are. I had a little difficulty centering it properly, causing it to not stick at the very edges. It's still sticking securely in the middle, it's just the very outside edge of the piece that goes around the click wheel area is not adhering. Overall, this product appears to be durable and hopefully it should last a long while, if not the life of the device. The piece that fits over the screen proper fits perfectly and is very tight. These protectors use static electricity to adhere, along with a type of glue. This means that it WANTS to stick and has almost no bubbles to iron out, making them super easy to apply.

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  • perfect for ipod classic screen
    Verified Purchase

    well to tell the truth, I just used the screen part of this system, but it was PERFECT for the ipod classic because the screen drops down into the system, but this cover will bring it back up even to the rest of the ipod.....fits perfect, easy to install, i was able to complete it with no bubbles

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