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  • Something's wrong here. . .
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    Okay I just got this product. Looks nice, but I can seem to get it to turn on no matter what I do. Instruction manual says if none of the buttons work I have to charge it which I'm doing so right now. I've been charging it for close to 2 - 3 hours and still nothing. Not sure if this is a bootleg of the real product or what. Because it looks nothing like the actual picture. The buttons look different. I really wanted a cheap, but still okay mp3 player to listen to on the bus, but it looks like I've just made my first dud purchase online. The instruction manual tells me nothing about how it is supposed to look like when it is charging, if it is even charging at all. No clue when it is supposed to be done. Gave it 2 stars because you can still use it as a USB flashdrive at least. But none of them were as expensive as this.

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