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  • Black Holster with Stand for HTC Sensation 4G
    Verified Purchase

    I was wearing the holster with the phone in it on the second day when It snagged slightly getting out of my car. The bottom tab snapped completely of and the phone fell to the ground. The only warning was the noise of the phone striking the ground. The plastic was inferior and should have stood up a lot better than it did. Contacting the company was unsuccessful in getting a response. I am now three for three with Overstock, That is about all I need to let the fingers do the walking to some outer outlet to serve my needs. I really do not expect that they will ever even print this, take a look at the terms and conditions of this submission.

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  • Perfect!
    Verified Purchase

    This is the perfect solution for me. I wanted to be able to walk with my phone. I use it for the music but like being able to use the phone should my family need me while I'm out. The holster and protector are perfect. The protector is really solid and fits perfectly. I was worried because most of the phone is a touch screen so I thought the protector wouldn't fit right. It does! It snaps right on. The holster part is also great. It has a soft interior should you decide to put the phone in with the touch screen inside (protected). The clip has a bit of a lip on the end which prevents it from sliding off your pants should you be really active with it (like working out). Overall, I think this was a great purchase. It was cheap, made well, fits perfectly and has great features!

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