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    Verified Purchase

    I AM A VELCRO FREAK!!! I use velcro for everything all around the house. For instance in my bathroom I use velcro to place things I always use everyday so that they are handy and I don't have to fumble through drawers. I use Velcro under pictures so they stay straight and solid on the wall. I use Velcro to stabalize mirrors or place anything anywhere so that I don't have to go rummaging around for whatever item I want -- for instance to put scissors all over the place -with Velcro placed at the widest part of the scissors which I use constantly in every room. All in all this is a great product--it works on anything but I wouldn't try to use on cloth--there are other types of velcro for that! Experiment -- you'll love it and I love the price (Velcro is very expensive in the stores). Have fun!!! Sher

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  • It is what it is
    Verified Purchase

    It's velcro. What do you expect? I like that it was white as opposed to the more universally sold black. I also like that it's stick on, as opposed to sew on for those of us who are "challenged" with the sewing machine. That's about it. Good luck.

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  • Velcro ultra-mate white adhesive strip
    Verified Purchase

    Product arrived quickly. It was easy to use and it holds great.

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