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  • Don't give up too soon!
    Verified Purchase

    My 1st cutter was DOA due to the hole in the boxes, and my 2nd cutter gave me fits for about the first 2 hours.....then I did some research on line for pointers. Other users have cut some very helpful video. 1. I do think the machines are inconsistent...settings that work well for one person may not work for you; however, they are a good starting point. 2. A cardstock layer to support your paper will help tremendously. As well as a 0 tab setting. And I have better luck with manual paper load/cut position than with the tray so far, but I expect that to improve. 3. I am only cutting from the cards thus far, but as I get used to the machine, I have to say I am pleased with the results! I hope to get the software working tomorrow. So while the learning curve is a bit steep and the manual a bit too thin, with a little practice, this machine can cut amazingly delicate shapes for you.

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  • Ecraft

    I was skeptical to purchase, because I got mixed messages from some of the reviews, but I'm glad I did. It was a hard to get used to the idea of not mat, but it was very easy to use once I did. I like that it comes with a card ready to cut some images, and some extra blades, already I am equipped to start projects. The settings, are easy, the screen to select your choices is clear and user friendly. I would recommend to a anyone who is looking to upgrade their die cutters.

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  • Not yet ready for the real world

    I own a cricut, and was looking forward to this machine as another tool in my papercrafting workshop. It has a beautiful profile and the colors are great to choose from......that being said, all other promises are just wishes and dreams at this point. Mine doesn't even cut AT ALL right out of the box. When I called customer support, I waited three days for a reply (nobody there after five or on weekends). When I tried to login on the website for help on their community forum, couldn't get on (supposed 'website problems' I was told later). **** at tech support asked me a lot of questions about my machine via email when I finally did get a response......but only offered to look into the problem......but for the amount of money I spent, and the promises made, I felt this machine has been marketed too quickly with all the bugs still left in both the hardware and the software. I look forward to future upgrades in this product, and might try again.....but for now.....I'll let somebody else be the guinae pigs for their experiments.

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  • Things I didn't know I could do at home!!!

    I have to say that this device is amazing. Took me a few hours to learn how to use it, but I still can't believe all the things it can do. I made 50 holidays tags in less than 10 minutes! And my daughter cannot stop using the machine. She is only 7yrs old!!! So far I have used the ecraft to make holidays cards and tags, but I can see how easy it would be to scrapbook or make home decorations. This machine has a lot of potential.

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  • Excellent die cutter

    Machine is easy to use, just follow the screen and hit enter. Easy to get used to, produces very nice cuts, and it works on many materials. Love the software option, for all the versatility it offers, and like that all the accessories store easily. Very happy with this purchase!

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  • Great Die Cutter!

    Love this machine! very fast and accurate. I had to get used to the settings, but it wasn't bad at all!! Would recommend this to anyone who has a love for crafting!

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  • eCraft
    Verified Purchase

    The machine takes some getting used to. Keep working at adjusting until it no longer tears or jams -- need to use lots of testing. Once you get the right adjustment, works beautifully. Love the "no adhesive support back" and ability to use SVG files.

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  • Best Purchase Ever!
    Verified Purchase

    I waited a long time to get an electronic cutting machine and finally became extremly interested in the eCraft when I found out it comes with a program for your computer to create and edit your own designs, it accepts its own SD card lines AND you can find loads of other designs for purchase or even free on line. (might I recomend Yes it takes time to familiarize yourself with the settings, but once you get the hang of it watch out! I made valentines cards with the included sd card the first night I got it! The eCraft is so awesome I changed my sewing table to my eCraft table. I highly recomend to anyone who is looking for a fabulous and versatile electronic cutting machine!

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  • do NOT buy
    Verified Purchase

    I was so excited to get my very first craft cutting machine. I looked on the web to see which one would be a good fit for me. I didn't want to deal with a lot of cartridges and figured a program that is hooked to the computer software would be a better investment. I looked to the ecraft because it could be used with a software and I liked the fact that it did not need a cutting mat, as I know that the hassle of peeling paper off of the mat is not always as easy as seem on tv. When I used the ecraft, I was so mad to find that the paper being cut from the machine would tear. The machine could not keep the paper from moving and essentially destroyed the imagine. At first I thought it was the blade. Maybe I had set the blend to cut too deeply. But setting the blade to 1, did not cut the imagine at all. And setting anything at 1 in a half and above teared the paper. I wasted sheets after sheets of paper getting the imagine that I wanted. This craft cutter was not able to cut without a cutting mat. Like it promised.

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  • ecraft

    I highly recommend this machine. Safe (I have a very nosy cat and equally curious children), easy (just follow the LCD screen), and fast (I couldn't believe it!). Highly recommended, whether a family, business, or school. Seems like a perfect fit no matter what your needs.

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