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  • Product Never Arrived
    Verified Purchase

    This product never arrived and the customer service reps have been running me around in circles for 6 weeks while they 'research' the situation. How hard can it be to track a UPS package? Overstock still has my money, and I have no glasses and no refund. There is no way this review was going to be positive.

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  • Scratched when received.
    Verified Purchase

    Got my money back because the lens was very scratched. They were very large for anyone's face.

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  • Bad fit
    Verified Purchase

    Really strange fit...bought for boyfriend, ended up giving to my son. Don't buy them.

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  • not durable
    Verified Purchase

    You get what you pay for. I saw the price and bought 4 pairs. One broke the first time I placed it on. 2nd pair snapped in the middle after a few days, the third lost its shape after a week and the 4th pair, well the jury is still out on its durability.

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