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  • Eliza snow boots.
    Verified Purchase

    For me these boots are "iffy" at best. By that I mean the outer shoe part of the boot itself is decent quality. The boots are a nondetachable 2 piece set. The shoe being 1 part and the inner sock being the other part. The inner sock can be lifted away from the shoe if necessary but it cant be removed from the shoe. They seem waterproof and lace up well. Now the inner boot/sock is what I have a problem with. It is thick, warm and cushioned, but its too think for me and the cushion bunches up, even when trying to put it on I had to pull, tug and straighten it out, just too much effort involved to put on a boot for me. Once fixed and in the right position it feels fine and it doesn't seem to slide around so much as to return to an uncomfortable position. I ordered a size larger than what I wear hoping that the inner sock would fit better but that did not work. The shoe is essentially too big and the inner sock is still too small for me. Something else I wondered, I'm not sure how the inner sock could be laundered, they are very warm and my feet did sweat in them, they dried out okay but just for sanitary purposes I'm not sure about the upkeep. All in all this was just not a good purchase for me, sure the boot is cute enough, definitely warm enough but the amount of time it takes to tug and wiggle them on properly plus the cleaning issue I could have looked a little further.

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  • Umm...
    Verified Purchase

    I chose these boots as an alternative to the normal boot. The outer shoes is waterproof which is what I was looking for, The only problem is the inner sock makes the shoe fit tight and the sizing seems to be off. I think I should have gotten a half size bigger to wear them comfortably. Either that or I need to adjust the sock/inner sole.

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