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  • lovely robe

    I'm generally very pleased with this robe. I was debating whether to order the medium or large and am glad I opted for the medium - it runs a little big. I like to wear it with the soft green color on the outside. The lack of internal ties means that it tends to slip open, but the manufacturers couldn't really put internal ties on a reversible robe or else there would be extra ties on the outside. I plan to add some myself now that I know which side I like to wear facing out. I like the length - I was looking for something long that would be comfortable at the breakfast table. I'm 5'7" and the medium is a good length. I'm not sure yet whether it will be warm enough in the depths of winter, but it's good for at least 3 seasons without being too hot in the summer..

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  • robe
    Verified Purchase

    This is a good robe. There are just a couple things that are not what I expected. The first problem is there is no inner tie, so the main closure is the outside belt which, because of it being satin, it slips easily and the robe will fall open (yet stay tied). Many times it has slipped open and not stayed overlapped and closed. The inner tie would prevent this but there isn't one. Secondly, the length is probably for a tall person but it doesn't' say that in sizing or description. I step on it all the time. The arm length is ridiculously long. I have to roll them up 4-5 times just so they are at my wrist. Even then, just the movement of making a cup of tea will cause the rolling to slip loose again. (remember it is a satin, slippery which I love, but not convenient due to length) I normally wear average length in everything. So that is why I am saying it is suited for a tall person. The material is gorgeous! I just love it! Very feminine and soft. The colors are pastels and I am in love with that part. I love the feel of satin. It does feel like there is a liner in between the satin layers because it feels very warm. I can get hot even. So keep that in mind. I probably wouldn't recommend this, only because the length of both overall and arms is extremely oversized. Makes it hard to do anything but be still in it. I am going to have to get it tailored. Its just too beautiful to return or not use. :-) I love that part. The look and feel - awesome.

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