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  • it is too light weight for our New England weather
    Verified Purchase

    I liked the jacket , don't get me wrrong, biut it would be nice, if in the description of the jacket it stated it it was for cool or warm weather.

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  • flimsy, baggy, smells like plastic
    Verified Purchase

    First, the neck on this thing is HUGE up to your earlobes, when zipped up all of the way. If it is lambskin, as the label says, it doesn't feel, look, nor smell like it. I wanted to like this jacket, but the sizing and THE SMELL - the smell was SO STRONG, and it did not smell like leather; I loooove the smell of fine leather. It's flimsy, runs HUGE - I ordered a Small - I'm 5'4.5" 34-25-35 114lbs. It feels like a big, light-weight plastic jacket, with weird shoulders and that really tall neck. I returned it within minutes of it arriving at my door. Wish it was better. I have another Collezione leather jacket/coat that I purchased off of here last year - that one was heavier, better quality leather - still ran very big. Also, the one last year was made in China, this one was made in Pakistan, so maybe it's the difference between the factories.. why can't they all just come from the U.S. or Italy? Help our jobless.. Anyway, wouldn't recommend this, Happy shopping!

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