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  • Solid Game
    Verified Purchase

    I have always loved the Resident Evil series. Since the first game came out in the 90's and I hid it from my parents so they didn't know their underage son was playing an ultra violent game I have enjoyed every moment of zombie slaying mayhem. RE4 was a major departure from the status quo of the fixed camera survivor horror genre. The series took on an over the shoulder perspective more akin to Gears of War than Resident Evil or Dino Crisis (I loved that game too). There were mixed feelings in the fanbase about the changes. You either hated it or loved it. I am in the latter category. Some people claimed it made the game too easy, but you can fix that by changing the difficulty. RE6 follows the same play style as RE4 with the fast pace zombie blasting. You have 4 campaigns to play through, with the 4th unlocking after completing the first three. Leon's is reminiscent of the original 3 entries in the series. I was taken back to my teenage years as I wandered the corridors of the zombie infested campus and the streets of China. Mercenaries is back. There are more maps to play through and more outfits to unlock. There is even the agent hunter mode where you can play as c-virus infected monsters and kill BSA agents, reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead franchise. I love the game, but the story can be a bit convoluted. I give it a 4 because of the complexity of the story. This game will keep you busy for a long time.

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  • On Disk DLC Strikes Again
    Verified Purchase

    Ok, I pre-ordered this game off Overstock a little over a week ago and was rather excited to get it in. I thought the demo was pretty cool so buying it was a no-brainer. After getting the game in a few days ago i've put a fair amount of time into it. Im very sad to say RE6 is a mere shadow of what the series used to be. Poor RE6 can't decide if it wants to be a Call of Duty game, or a Resident Evil game. This is most obvious in Chris's campaign which is by far the weakest area of the game. Another issue I had with the game is how dark it is. Often I found myself having a difficult time seeing what was going on because of it. Turning the brightness up does help thins a little, but I found the lit areas don't look as nice as a trade off. Now for the on disk DLC part of my review. Yes on dick DLC. Some of you may recall that earlier this year Capcom found themselves getting a flood of negative press with Street Fighter X Tekken when they locked away around 30% of the game behind a pay wall. Yes in order to get the full experience that was on the disk you paid for, you had to pay even more. Capcom tried to lie about this claiming it wasn't there at first and then changed there story to make people think it was there to save hard drive space and so on. This really upset many long time fans such as myself, and for a time I refused to buy Capcom's products unless they were used. Capcom eventually went into damage control and began apologizing to its fans saying how it wasn't going to do anymore on disk DLC and it was changing its policies. We a few days ago it was discovered that Capcom lied yet again and loaded a bunch of on disk DLC into Resident Evil including numerous costumes, taunts, and an extra difficulty. They have addressed this and are lying to its customers once again and saying it was on the disk data to make it run more efficiently. This is a load of BS. In the end I would only recommend people buy this game used and for $20 or less. The game itself is a mess at best and the on disk DLC gives you a good not to buy it new.

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