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  • This missing puzzle of all weight loss book

    This book is the diet book the world was missing. Every other diet book tells you, eat this eat that HMMM. What other diet books fail to look into is why you got fat in the first place. It like putting bandage on an infected wound and hoping it get heal. What Colette did was let you get down to the roots of your problems of why you gained the weight to begin with. I also noticed that this is not a book you read through and try to practice. You have to take it very slowly and be patience with yourself. I have struggled to the last 20lbs but since this book I have lost 3 lbs in one week. I never knew that it was because of my emotions that made me not loose weight. I have started eating slowly in the dinning room instead of the living room in front of the TV and do the daily journal. I also close my eyes and internally ask myself if im really hungry for the food im about to eat. I have managed to turn down most foods I use to crave for before. When I first got this book I read through it then come back and taking it slowly as the days go by. I tell you people you really need this book at your desk, handbag, bedside and take it with you everywhere you go. I also purchased it as audio for drive time.

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