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  • Excellent
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    Venture Brothers is a great show! It's ridiculously funny and fun to watch over and over again.

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  • Great Show
    Verified Purchase

    This is a very funny series, and I plan on collecting all of the volumes. It was also delivered faster than expected, so that was wonderful. The cover made me think that it was dirty, because it looks like someone had spilled coffee on it, but I was

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  • Plot Heavy & Hilarious!
    Verified Purchase

    Venture Bros Season Two really ..uh.. fleshes out those two-dimensional characters! It's extremely well-written, voice-acted and expertly penned (unlike some of the cartoons of old which it parodies). Super Villainy and Super Science are pitted against each other with breathtakingly funny results. Adults, enjoy "Venture Bros"! And romance isn't dead either - along with cliffhanger twists..does the importunate Monarch win the heart of Dr Girlfriend, or any of her other parts? Stay tuned!

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