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  • The Day of Battle
    Verified Purchase

    Excellent sequel to "An Army At Dawn" which brings the initial entry of US forces into WWII. Firther brings to life the activities, movements and decisions made taking the war into Sicily and Italy. Superbly researched. Well written.

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  • The Day of Battle
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    The second volume in a trilogy by Rick Atkinson on the US Army in Europe during World War II, Day of Battle describes the invasions of Sicily and Italy and the subsequent struggle up the Italian Peninsula. Atkinson brings this frequently neglected story to life with eye witness accounts based on extensive research. When one GI learned that it cost the Allies about $2500 to kill each enemy soldier in Italy, he confided to his diary that it would be better to just buy the enemy out and let everyone go home. Atkinson¿s deft handling of personalities is enlightening. While the battle raged to advance on Rome, Gen George Patton paced the marble floors of his palatial headquarters in Palermo -- banished from the action by his inexcusable assault on two American soldiers suffering from battle fatigue. Overshadowing Allied plans and operations in Italy, the buildup and planning for OVERLORD goes forward in Great Britain. Highly recommended.

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