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  • this is a review....whoooo
    Verified Purchase

    Definitely a workbook, while I did find it extremely helpful it is a workbook. It does contain information on where anger comes from, how to deal with it, and i have found it helpful. The workbook aspect I found a little tedious, but in actuality it helps you break down the cycle of your anger, identifying triggers, helping you recognize what it is that you are actually getting upset at, and how you maybe displacing it on others. I was recommended this by my anger counselor to help me understand the above stated. I would recommend it to anyone who is finding problems with their anger, it has helped mine.

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  • The Anger Control Workbook
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    This book is so useful, I ordered to more to give as gifts! It really helps a person get a handle on life's stresses and to more fully understand why people are the way they are.

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  • Fast shipping, would buy from again!!!!!!

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