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  • Baby Whisperer
    Verified Purchase

    My daughter has 6 little tykes aged 10 and younger. She loves this book. I think she's a natural baby whisperer.

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  • Great advice for any parent, first-time or not!
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    This book is very informational about almost every subject you can think of for raising children without a hassle. She talks about sleeping through the night, how to take baths and get dressed and eat without battles. All the while she talks in this british language that I think is hilarious. All in all, I think this book is entertaining with plenty of experiences to keep you entertained instead of just boring you with what to do facts. Very full of useful information and highly recommended.

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  • worth reading
    Verified Purchase

    This book offers some pretty interesting information on how to read your infant's body language. That was the most interesting thing I took away from the book. As a first time parent, I'm so concerned when my baby cries and the author suggests slowing down to look at what the cry is actually saying (hungry, tired, gas pain, etc). It may have taken me much longer to figure out without having read this book.

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  • Some interesting suggestions, however I do not agree on many things the author writes. Babies are babies and putting them on an 'boot' schedule so that they can 'fit' in our busy lives is a totally wrong concept. May be following mother's instict and heart would do better to them, rather than thrive to their independence when just born.

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  • A wonderful resource! This book educates you about your babies' cues, helping you to meet their needs more quickly, building trust and contentment in your children as eventually they will believe that their needs will be met when they need it. This book definately helped me to recognize what my babies were telling me about their needs. Having not been around babies much until I had one, this book helped me to "schedule" my life around their needs which made all of our lives easier and calmer. My boys as a result seemed to be happier (according to all the reports!) more content and they didn't cry all that much. I believe a lot is due to the things I learned in the book.

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  • Being a new mom, I loved this book. First got it from the library and after reading it, I just had to buy it. It just makes sense, and has many helpful tools and charts inside. Looking forward to continued use with my 6 month old and God-willing, some future babies in our family! Go buy it! You won't be sorry!

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