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  • na

    A gift for my grandchild. he loves it.

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  • overstock is a joke

    They take a long time to ship out your package I wouldn't recommend this website too anyone.

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  • Awesome on Everything
    Verified Purchase

    This is my first time ordering an expensive electronic item online. Wow, I ordered it on Monday night and it was delivered on Thursday morning. It was delivered in great shape. (Well packed.) I was able to set it up very easily, and the experience I have had with it this past 5 days is awesome. I also bought two games from Overstock and they were delivered the same day and I got to enjoy my new toy and it is a lot of fun. I am over 60 and this is my first time playing games on a real game machine. Wow what a difference from IPAD and computer. I am truly enjoying the experience. I have a feeling I will be buying a lot of games if next winter is as bad as last winter was in Chicago.

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  • awesome product
    Verified Purchase

    When you compare with ps3, ps4 is awesome and best console in the world. I recommend all of you guys. Overstock is also a good seller i didn't have any problem about shipment product or payment.

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  • Exceeding my already high expectations!
    Verified Purchase

    I was lucky enough to snag this up from as one of their Black Friday Door Busters! The shipment on this product was very quick and within a couple days I was one of the lucky few that have been able to snag a PS4 while they are out of stock due to high demand. Key Points: Graphics: AMAZING! --- It was a given that a game console made 8 years after the last Playstation (the ps3) would have great graphics, but i was blown away with how much better they were. I play plenty of computer games and this new Next Gen Console is every bit as good with graphics as a PC, yet it has the convenience of a comfy recliner and a simple controller. Controller: MORE than AMAZING! --- The new Dualshock 4 is simply amazing! I picked up the new DS4 controller, and I have to say I am blown away at how much better this controller is than previous models. Everything about this controller feels better than the old Dualshocks. The grips are elongated and don't hook downward like the previous models, this makes it much easier to grip the controller during intense gameplay and not get cramps. The joysticks are farther apart and have a wonderful resistance for more precise movements. The tops of the joysticks are also caved in allowing for easier long term control over your movements. The movements feel more like second nature rather than thinking about which button to press. The triggers have been improved. You no longer go to set down your remote during a movie and have it start fast forwarding through the movie. They have a stronger spring and are shaped differently. The triggers actually feel like triggers, i would relate them to the feeling of a paintball gun. Finally to top this controller off it has a new touch pad, a speaker and a new headphone jack allowing for more people to get involved with the voice chat without the need to buy costly bluetooth chat devices. In summary, BUY IT! I have never been more happy with a console. At one point during the campaign in COD Ghosts my wife came down and asked me what movie I was watching... Yeah ... it looks that good!!!

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  • Verified Purchase

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