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  • ps3-grand theft auto iv
    Verified Purchase

    it arrived safe i can honestly say i trust this site!!

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  • Best Game Ever -- Not for Children!!

    Yes it can be violent, yes there are a few mature situations the player may find him or herself. Do not let your children (under the age of 16) play this game. This game has maximum playability, fantastic graphic, a super selection of music to choose from and overall might be the best game i have ever played up to date. Lots to explore, lots to do, decisions to make (take 'em out or let 'em go). I have played this game nearly everyday since I got it as a present, and have not been bored not one time! There are many different cars to from and lots to see and do. I have been a gamer for the past 30 years (I am 41 yrs old) and this game exceeded my expectations and continues to blow me away every time I play it.

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  • A sweet not for kids..
    Verified Purchase

    Grand Theft Auto IV is by far the best game of its type ever to be fathomed. It has an awe-encompassing city to explore, character acting and storyline that could be considered atleast adaquate for a 100 million dollar movie, great gameplay (fairly similar to its predecessors), unsurpassable replayability, and graphics that are an entire level above anything else I've ever seen in game. TO say the least I'm captivated by the game. That said the only draw back is that is certainly not kid friendly. I would never ever permit my children or anyone elses children to play or even watch this game being played.

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  • GTA 4
    Verified Purchase

    Exceptional in every way that I have been able to perceive so far for this title series. Every thing that is a draw to GTA is multiplied by several factors.

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  • WOW!!!!!

    This is the BEST game I have ever played. Playing this game is worth the $500 I spent on my PS3. The graphics and storyline are excellent. A must buy (if you are over 18) for anyone and everyone who has played the GTA series.

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  • Verified Purchase

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