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  • More Mr. Moto, Please!
    Verified Purchase

    In this second volume of The Mr. Moto Collection, Mr. Moto, the genial Oriental genius, solves crimes in four exotic locations. Filmed in the late '30's in glorious Black & White, the Mr. Moto films are as lasting as the Charlie Chan flicks. Mr. Moto, played by the immortal Peter Lorre, is a detective who often times hides his idenity behind elaborate costumes and makeup. However, he always reveals the truth. A wonderful companion set to Volume One. The "special features" included in both Volumes One and Two are an additional treat that add to the value of these collections. More Mr. Moto, Please!

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  • Mr. Moto Collection-Vol. 2
    Verified Purchase

    Peter Lorre is great as a good guy. These films were made before he became typed in "Bad Guy" roles. The supporting cast is excellent. Most of their names and faces are recognizable since they were in so many films of the period. A GREAT VALUE!

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  • Mr. Moto Collection - Volume 2
    Verified Purchase

    Peter Lorre does an excellent job of developing the Mr. Moto characture. A little more violent than the Charlie Chan series but well acted and very entertaining. Its just plain fun to watch especially with the wonderful job done on the film restoration.

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  • howie1
    Verified Purchase

    Wonderful old detective adventure. Mr. Moto is terrific in what he does to thwart the bad guys.

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