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  • Positive
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    Don really have a review, didnt finish the book. Put it down and just never got back to it.

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  • How to Get Out of Your Own Way (Hardcover)
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    I love the book everything about it was on point! The book came on time and the shipping was accurate. The book is a great read and Tyrese speaks on some trying times in his life as well as eye-opening topics. I recommend this book to anyone trying to find their way in life or anyone that may just needs a push out of a rut they're in. After you have finished reading this book you will have a different outlook and new confidence for yourself and a profound respect for others. Tyrese did it in this one. big ups to him.

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  • Good reading
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    LOVE , LOVE ,LOVE- I HAVE MY 11 year old son reading it, from a man's view on life and family. we are still talking about it now. ... I will be passing it on to other males in my family. pglike

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  • These sheets are super cozy and don't pill!!!!!!
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    I'm so happy that I bought this book when I did. It's a very very good book, actually I'm reading it right now. It helps me see through me, some stuff that I never knew that I have in me. It's a keeper.

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